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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dead Of Winter

It was beautiful the other day here in Maine


We have incredibly sunny days...and it is freezing.
I have to dress the way I did when I briefly lived in Montreal.
Which remind me of my life.
Layers and layers.

Beyond this group of trees is a big river.
The St. George river.
The fog {which I love but hate to drive in}
is beautiful and eerie.

I walk past this cove when ever it is warm enough to venture out.
I keep asking people .....
March is 'SPRING' right?
My mom says 'no'.
She tells me April and that seems a long way away.

I came here to start over and it is not easy.
No one hires until closer to MAY.
What ever will I do?

Mr.Campbell..............I am waiting and watching.

As of late...I have had nothing in my head I would like to POST on.
I have got to get my MOJO back.

I promise to start visiting.

Maybe then I will not feel so islolated and stale.
I know once I am employed everything will change.

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  1. Spring will come and even in dormant periods, the next thing is always in preparation - even if you don't see or feel it!

    1. gespi,
      you are so right...
      i have had to dumb down my resume.
      but i am prepared and just keep showing up...
      with my eyes and ears open all the time.


  2. Oh Renée,
    It must be such a difficult time for you at the moment ....... everything has changed for you in so many ways ..... even the weather !!!!
    If it's any consolation, we have thick snow and freezing temperatures at the moment here in the UK !
    Chin up Renée, wrap up warm and have some lovely long walks ....... it gets the endorphins going and produces happiness and contentment ! Lots of love. XXXX

  3. you always say what i need to hear.
    many hugs and bunches of kisses!!


  4. Renee

    That part of Maine is one of the most beautiful places on earth and your photographs reflect that awesome beauty. I do understand how hard it must be to move from somewhere warm to the frozen tundra! Spring will come and all will be well!!

  5. Renee,
    Don't beat yourself up so much. Winter is the natural "down" time. A time for rest and renewal. A time to hibernate. Give yourself a break. It's one of the guilt free things I love about Paganism. Going with the natural ebb and flow of the planet. You will come alive in the spring. Enjoy your surroundings and your precious life. This is not the hill you will die on. You have been through worse.
    Hang in there babe!
    Much Love.

    1. diane

      your words have blown me away and given me a reprieve for a day or 2.
      much love and hugs!!!!

  6. Your photographs are lovely... frame them! And... you will get back on track... and yes... please "visit" me.... I would love to have your opinion on something i call "modern rescue"

    Chin up girl!!! chin up!!! :) (((hugs)))

  7. All good things come to those who wait..before you know it, spring will have sprung, buds will be opening, temps rising and you WILL get your mojo back. I think even for those whose ducks are in order, the winter can make us all feel blah, I know plenty of people including myself who this affects. Plus factor in the big change you made moving up have much to look forward to. What a spectacular landscape...and I bet its going to be amazing in the spring and summer. Good to hear from you.....and if it makes you feel any better I am seriously jealous of your snow:) I WANT SOME!

  8. Just so you know…your comment made my day today…I had given up on looking for any more comments and then there it was! You showed up and made my day! So see….it is possible and you WILL get your MOJO back! Hopefully right about the same time that I do because I couldn't give a rip about saying anything in a blog and yet I'm missing it so badly! What can we talk about? I don't want to depress people? That is certainly no fun! I think I experience this about every two years and it's no fun….but I know that you are wanting to find a job and find your life again and I am truly hoping that it will happen for you very soon because you have so much to offer! Thanks so much for stopping by! It truly lifted my spirits!

  9. Oh I understand completely Renee. Try to enjoy the gorgeous, though frigid surroundings until spring!

    I have another major surgery scheduled the 4th...keep me in your prayers!

    2013 Artists Series

  10. Your images are beautiful....Its hard to start over...hang in there...remember its just a season of your life and it will pass.

  11. I know these times are very hard Renee. The cold, fog and snow aren't known for real mood lifters are they? Your photos remind me of here and when you're use to living in the sunshine for years it 'ain't' easy is it? I really have no (real) wants to move back to the sweltering heat of TX but there are those days that I think, what have I done?!!! Things WILL change and spring is on it's way. It's still somewhat light here @ 4;30pm, I see hope!! Change is on it's way dear friend xxxx

    1. yes...............i know.
      it gets dark so early.
      it is starting to stay light until 4:45.
      just a few minutes more of light but it signals to me that spring is coming.

      love you my dearest!!

  12. You are going to get your mojo back, and your life and job. Perhaps this is your time to take a break from the last 20 years of hard work and jut "be". Your talent and experience knows no bounds, perhaps here on the blog you could write about your beloved horse and what it was like to ride and be involved in the jumping world. Or you could discuss the ups and downs of the design world, and retail stores, all of your experience is interesting and valuable and could be inspiring to your readers.I know that you are going to be happy and have a new life, it is just going to be different.

    I personally am a person that enjoys the confines of winter, I use the time to hibernate and to rejuvenate my spirit.

    Praying for you, Elizabeth

  13. So lovely to hear from you Renee- I hav missed your posts! I feel for you this winter; it's like your life is frozen in time, too. The THAW will come and you'll be ready. We all hope to lift your spirits and support you in whatever you do. I love the ideas Elizabeth had. You have SO much knowledge to share and so much experience. I want to know how you charged for your time in the beginning, and when you got your first huge job, how did you work out the payments, etc? and taxes, geez, so much you could impart my dear. You have a wealth of information locked inside of you.. Start blogging it!



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