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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Years Day

New years Day is the day my father died in 2001.
I can remember him and be sad or I can think of him in all his 
And he was.
He loved thoroughbred horses.

He bet them and he bred them.
Did you know that January 1st is EVERY thoroughbreds birthday?
Even if they were born on December 31st.
The next day....
they are 1 year old. 

My dad loved golf ....
some of my best times with him were driving the golf cart
around the course alone with him. 

Yes, that's me.
6 months pregnant.

My Dad driving his boat with my little daughter by his side.

My Dad and the back of my head at our favorite restaurant 
in Ogunquit Maine... ARROWS.

He loved deep sea fishing.....I always got sea sick.

This New Year ....
if you have something keeping you from a loved one....
how important is it....really?
Make an amends.
It is so easy to do, and the rewards are great.
We never know when our number is up.
My Dad was only 73 years old.

Be wise like the Buddha...
and then you will be happier.
I know my memories of my Dad are.

Love to my friends,
Renee xox

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  1. Wonderful tribute to your Dad! I lost my Dad a year ago the week of Thanksgiving. My memories of him are what keeps me going strong. You're gonna have a great year in 2013 Renee!!! I just know it! Keep on keepin' on!!!

    1. ivy,

      thank you for your confidence you have in my coming year.
      we certainly have the father thing in common.

      hugs xxx

  2. Lovely.
    Wishing you a better new year, in fact the best of years ever!
    Sending you much love.
    xo xo

  3. Great tribute Renee. He's looking down and smiling! Happy New Year darling :-)

  4. Hi Renée,
    How lovely to see you in Blogland and what wonderful memories of your Dad ..... he looked really kind and you must miss him so much. Our Dad was 91 when he died 4 years ago and we all miss him.
    Hope that you and your Mum are enjoying each others company and I wish you both a wonderful 2013...,.it's going to be great. Much love. XXXX

  5. Anonymous16:36

    What a wonderful tribute Renee! My father just turned 90 and is still going strong, and readying his move from Texas to CA to be near me. Your post reminded me to treasure the moments! Happy Holidays!

  6. Dear Renee, so nice to hear from you!!! Your Dad was very handsome, and I would like him immediately because he loves thoroughbred racing!! You look particularly adorable in your yellow pregnancy pant suit....we're we not too cute in those baggy clothes!! He would be very proud of this sweet tribute to him this Dad died at 74 and I miss him every day.....hoping you have a very happy New Year, and remainder of the holiday season, and my best to Yvonne, N.xo

  7. I lost my dad 3 months ago as you know. Does it get easier? It must be hard for you every New Year's day. He looked like he was a doting father and grand-father.

    Hope 2013 brings you all sorts of good things, my dear.


  8. I love Thomas Campbell's quote, "To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die" I lost my Dad too and although it really feels like his absence is magnified this time of year, his memory is all around me! I can't get away from it. Hang in there Renee! You have a lot if supporters out here rooting for you!

  9. What a beautiful post and a great tribute to your dad! This just made me stop in my tracks because everything you said is so true! I don't want to ever be sorry that I didn't make amends with someone, especially a parent, child, sibling, etc…it's just not worth it! Life is short and holding grudges usually just hurts the one that is holding it! A lot more than the one it is against! What an inspiration this post is to me! Thank you, Renee!
    Happy New Year!

  10. Just like me you are your father's daughter, no doubt about it! Here's to a cracker 2013 for us both.
    Millie xx

  11. lovely, renee. and thanks for that reminder...donna

  12. There you are!! I was thinking of you...first off happy new year. May it be a wonderful year filled with lifes best for you Rene!

    What a beautiful and poignant tribute to your dear father. Love it and thank you for the reminder of how precious time can be, and to enjoy and cherish what and who we have NOW!

    Thanks and cheers to a fabulous 2013!

  13. Happy New Year Sweet Girl!
    You have such precious memories of your father, those are the things we cherish in our heart!
    I miss you...write when you can!

  14. Renee that was a beautiful tribute to your Dad, it is so good to hear your voice again. I miss you and am sure there are many adventures to tell!

    All the best in The New Year ahead!

    Art by Karena

  15. A beautiful tribute to your gives me goosebumps as i am so close and yet live so far from my dad. Being an only child, I cannot imagine my life without my parents and am so fortunate to still have them both. I will be off to visit them in france in a couple of weeks and counting the days.

    Happy New Year, may this year bring all positive changes in your life. Much love to you and your mom, Francine

    Be ready...I may definitely stop by to say hello on my next trip up to Maine

  16. He seems like a wonderful man, just like my dad was. Were we daddies girls? I was and I miss him terribly. I hope the New Year brings you peace and happiness and prosperity dear Renee! How were the holidays for you? Did you see your daughter?

    xo Nancy

  17. I have been wondering how you are and if you are settling in...I hope this year brings, you peace, happiness and contentment. I also hope that you finally received your things from the movers, sold your property and are having some luck with the job search.

    Your dad lived a full life and how wonderful to have so many beautiful memories with him! Lucky for you that you now have so much time with your mom.

    Take care looking forward to hearing more of your new life in Maine.


  18. Wonderful post Rene.
    Your Dad looks like a fine man, and thank you for sharing some of your memories with us.
    I wish you a happy and healthy 2013.
    Have a lovely day,
    Liz x

  19. Renee,
    these photo's are not the best of him. I knew him when he was handsome.
    The first time I met him it was electric, my first date he held my hand and
    I thought my heart would never stop pounding. It took four dates before
    I could act normal (that is my pulse). He was my first experince with
    true love. I miss him too.

  20. Renee, what a wonderful brought tears to my eyes thinking of my own Dad. You must miss him very much...

  21. Happy New Year Renee... and such a wonderful tribute to your father... xv



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