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Thursday, November 15, 2012


It seems there are just too many complications ;
THE BANK selling my property in Boca Raton - Bad Bad Bad People
THE MOVERS- my things are still not here, and it will cost more than estimated
and A JOB search in a town of 7000 population off season......
....just getting settled in general is exciting - YES -
but overwhelming.

Everyday there is another fire to put out with the lawyers & the bank over the closing.
I am not a happy camper right now.

Tomorrow, Tomorrow will bring a better day.

It is so beautiful here, and cold, 
but I love the cold don't I ???????

Once my things come I will be able to post pictures from my camera.
I hope this post finds all my friends well and happy.

hugs xoxo
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  1. Hi, Renee,

    Some days are racers; and some are plodders.

    Hang in there.


  2. Well hey, your attitude seems great despite everything! I hope today brings some good news for you and some settled business. Stay warm and best of luck with the job search! Anyone would be lucky to have you it seems, but maybe they don't know you yet! Build those relationships around you and referrals will happen.

  3. Stay strong Renee and everything will fall into place soon. Try to take this time to explore and take a slower pace. Trust me I know how difficult that is!!

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  4. Hang in there, sweet friend. Everything is going to be better!
    You are going through so much. You will just have to take one thing at the town. Don't overwhelm yourself.
    Keep us posted. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Message me on fb if you need to blow off steam!
    Happy Thursday, Renee.

  5. Just think of it all as one great adventure then the not so nice things won't seem so bad !! I love living in the UK and enjoying all of the seasons although none of them are extreme here. Hope all of your things arrive soon Renée as I can't wait to see photos. Moving is always a hassle whatever the circumstances but everything will slot into place before you know it. Much love. XXXX

  6. I still can't believe you're there!
    Stay warm. Wish I was there to help you unpack.
    xo xo

  7. Well and happy this side of the pond Renee. I can't believe you are still going through so much shit, you must have been diabolical in a previous life. There will be light at the end of your very long tunnel. Then you can sit back and laugh! One day :-)

    1. D,

      i am sure you are right about my past lives.........
      i must have been a BAD BAD GIRL (or man)


  8. Renee, sending warm thoughts for peace and prosperity your way in all things unsettling right now. Challenging times for you right now, but I have an idea you will see them through with grace. My best as always ~ Tina

  9. Can't believe you are in Maine now Just take your time, everything will come together. No need to stress over everything, it will just make you crazy. Hope you get settled soon and start to relax in your new home!!!!

  10. You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have. Yes you can.....
    All the best

  11. I so relate to you Renee, i would be a ball of nerves and anxiety in your shoes. You are amazingly strong to deal with realtors, lawyers, drastic changes in your life. I really admire that in you and your endless sense of humor. I live my life one day at the time.. I go to sleep totally stressed, riddled with fear, a few hours of sleep and I face the next day. I sometimes have the fantasy of living in Maine. As you may have read by now, Maine is one place in this world that brings me joy, calm and peace. I envision a life of reading by the fire, listening to music, long walks, writing... I will just have to come and visit and share notes once all this mess is behind you. Did you ever think of writing "a common place book"? you have such a great talent and a fabulous sense of humor. In our days of self publishing, you could entertain your readers with stories of your daily or fantasy life!

    1. F,
      it is a comfort to not feel alone in the 'anxiety and fear box'
      and yes, i have wanted to write a book forever but am not confident enough at the moment to do so.
      i should just try.

      thank you for your support.
      and the thought of seeing you in maine is exciting!!!
      let's do it when i am settled.

  12. need a cup of lobster chowdah....some of those little round crackers...and a STIFF martini! It will all come together. House selling...arrrrggghhhhh!

    Lotsa love to you up there!

    1. linda...........

      thank you.....i do need some lobsta' chowda'!!!!
      i am eating chowda most days....
      all kinds.

      i am freezing my patoodies off


  13. So sorry to hear you're dealing with these stressful moments. I'll keep you in my prayers - I have a feeling that 2013 will be a good year for you!

  14. Nothing one of those great lobster rolls and breath of that beautiful sea breeze won't handle! Camden is one of the most beautiful towns in the universe...good for you for making the move...we will all just wish it were us!!

  15. I wish I could pull out of my pocket a list of wise words and antidotes to get you through these tough days. I'm an example that things do work out even when the glass is half full. It does help when that glass has gin in it however. I keep telling myself that I don't miss the stifling heat of TX, I'm still not listening to myself but one of these days I'll get my act together. That fabulous salt air I swear will clear all the bad vibes from all those bad people clean out of your mind.

    I too am proud of you Renee. Wishing you & Yvonne a happy Thanksgiving. xx Deb

    1. deb

      i wish you all the best too.
      including a happy thanksgiving.

      mom sends her love as i do!

  16. yes, lobster rolls and a cocktail with the cooling sea breezes and the scent of pine.
    yep banks do tend to be very very bad!
    soon, i hope for you renee, all will be complete

  17. I was wondering how you were doing. Most bankers are bad people. I still hate the cold in New Jersey and it has been almost 15 years. I tell everyone, I'm just passing's a 25 year layover. I think you will need to think outside the tiny town for employment. Email me if you want to brainstorm. 2013 will be a better year.....I know, that doesn't help you right now. I have found that giving myself a set amount of time each day to feel bad or vent helps let it out. Then, you must have more than double that amount of time taking action. Alcohol and a crock-pot also helps.

  18. Renee,

    There are no words for things like this, except, "this too shall pass" and "whatever does not kill us will make us stronger."

    I had a year like that two years ago, husband lost job, Nor'Easter destroyed part of the house, ceiling fell in, had to move out of house, dog got sick, husbands former employer sued us, and so much more. All in 6 weeks. I was so sick of my life I could not stand it!

    I know that hings are going to work out for you, most importantly you are with your mom, starting a new and exciting life and moving into a new life. Your will survive, you are a strong, intelligent woman.

    Prayers that your life finds a new normal soon! Happy Thanksgiving!


  19. Renee,

    Being thankful in the most uncomfortable and untimely situations will break a way for the good to stick around that much longer. So smile, stay calm and be thankful for the discomfort of a current situation. This too shall pass...Happy Thanksgiving to you and Mum.

    Blessings sweet one the best is yet to come. Are u ready?


  20. Thinking of you this Thanksgiving Rene, and I hope and pray you are feeling thankful and that you're at peace today. Love to you.
    xo Nancy

  21. WEll at least you are there!!!!!!!!I am so glad for you! They say moving, divorce and I forget the third I think chcnging jobs are the three most stressful things to go through.... At least your mom is there to bake.......... And I would love to come visit..........!!!!!! Yes I agree with the comment above get the lobster rolls ready and enjoy! xo Maryannne

  22. Yes these are one those days that makes me want to scream in exhaustion. Find an outlet to release the stress and stay positive as always. Better days are coming for sure! :) Got my eye on your next posts.

  23. thank you everyone for the kind wishes.
    my truck just got here last monday and we are still putting things a way and TRYING to find room for them.

    happy holidays to all MY FRIENDS.
    i love you.

  24. Thinking of you and hoping your new life calms down and lets you relax a little soon, Renee... Good luck with the movers... hope they are there soon... and look after you... xv

  25. Aw, bless your heart, Renee! Praying things get better soon and sending love from FL! xx

  26. Hey Girlfriend...I tried calling you, number disconnected. PLEASE give me a ring! 703.541.8061!
    Miss you...hope you are finally feeling settled.

  27. A few weeks have passed...I hope your "plate" is WAY less full and that you are getting settled....everything will come together in time.... some things have to just happen in their own time.... hope you are getting to enjoy a bit of holiday cheer....

    ((( Hugs )))

  28. a big big hug to you... sorry i have been out of touch... xx



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