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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Just A Nip & A Tuck And We Are Ready To CRUISE...

This 270 ft yacht is something.
It will be cruising to the Italian Riviera on this Friday.
But this lovely lady needed some tweaking.

I took these pictures on Tuesday and today they finished the install,
which means all upholstery on this job.

This thing has 4 stories, with a 20' live on board' staff

With a few state rooms.
This baby also has an interior water fall 
that runs down one of the walls along side of the staircase.

All walls are paneled with birds-eye maple throughout the ship.

Let's go inside.
But remember,
 it is not all put together yet.
So try and use your imagination.

This is just the view looking out from the boat.
that before you leave the dock....
the gas alone will cost you $345,000.00

This is the salon upstairs.

This is the disco....the dance floor lights up 
and there will be huge banquettes on either side.

A Jacuzzi.

Looking back towards the salon from the Jacuzzi.

This is the media room.

This is another living room with a bar and a deck open to the sea.

Here is the staircase.

This is the waterfall wall.
Look down....that is the bottom of the waterfall.

This is the top of the waterfall.

A guestroom

Guest Room 2

Room 3

Room 4

More 'inside the life' of a really big yacht.

Master State Room

The floors in the master bath were divine.
I want to add that this entire yacht had onyx everywhere

The floors in the master bath had these diamonds/Swarovski crystals
embed ed in the floors.
They also had these tiny, tiny lights among-st  the crystals.
Very Pretty.

This is the tub surround.

One more thing......
Do you see the back of this boat?
There is a stair on the left, 
and like a garage door in the middle.

Inside that door there are many big boy toys.
One of these toys is a very decently sized speed boat.
When it is going to be driven......
The boat lowers itself {in the rear}
the door is at this point wide open.... 
when the ocean water rushes in,
it floats the speed boat up and out into the sea.

Very 007 don't you think?

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  1. That is some boat...waterfall, onyx, crystals, there is no end to the over the topness. A few large families could happily live on that boat full time and never get tired of each other..its huge! Thank you for sharing..this was a real treat and I am sure a big undertaking. Fun to see the the jacuzzi and disco....hope you get to go to the christening party!!

  2. That is a King size Job, I see you have lots of work yet to do. Pegasus, Greek myth winged horse, that sprang forth from the drops of blood when Persus chopped of the head of Medusa.
    Also a bathroom Mfg, I wonder who owns this beauty.
    Can I stow-a-way for the Italian Rivieria, Know a geat Hotel in Genoa.
    I am so proud and happy for you.
    Get to Broward Yacht, big yachts being made everyday.

    Love Mama,
    in an empty house.XXX

  3. Well, well, well.....How the other half live eh Renee ?!!!!
    It's great to see and a wonderful job for your partner but, sometimes that amount of money can seem obscene, can't it ?
    When we were last in Venice, Italy, it was the film festival and everyone who was anyone was there. There were boats like this, stacked one behind the other with so many staff. One had the staff walking her dogs !!
    I'm sure that, if I had that sort of money, I would be doing it too !!!! haha.
    Thanks for showing us nearly every nook and cranny....... I love to see such opulence. XXXX

  4. jac,

    it was definitely over the tippy top.
    but a fine example of technology and workmanship.
    the entire ship was paneled in birds-eye maple .
    the colors do not come out on my camera.

    at least i was able to give a bit of a peek.
    i am sorry that i can not show it completed.
    perhaps in a few months.


  5. Amazing Renee I can't believe how much space is on this craft! Will love seeing more!

    Art by Karena

  6. Okay, now I want a Swarovski bathtub!!

  7. A deep dark depression has sunk in. I just visited 'The Enchanting Home's' progress on her stupendous home and now this. Pass the eye mask and the Paxil please. How fabulous to just walk onboard let alone be involved with it's design process; remarkable.

    xo xo deb

  8. deb
    this is absolutely no reason to be depressed.....
    i am afraid of motorcycles, you ride them like i ride horses
    without fear i jump horses.

    now.....the thought of being out in the middle of the ocean
    on this ship or any ship is spooky as hell to me.

    when i am on a boat.....i want to see the land at all times.
    i think i may have drowned at sea in past life.
    it is the dark accompanied with the dark water send me over the edge.

    go figure.....i grew up on, in and around the ocean.


  9. Ok....that was a bit too much for me.

    ...but the 007 speed boat feature....I can get into that.

  10. Amazing opportunity for you! Can you please re-decorate so it actually looks like a yacht?
    I am sure in your hands, you could transform this huge over the top and slightly out of style yacht into a splendid luxurious boytoy.

  11. linda
    i am with you
    ....on all points

  12. Oh me, oh my! Maybe in another life!



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