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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Street Art

I am up to my elbows in design homework.....
I want to go to the movies.....
I want to do something other than what I do all day, everyday.

I fell into this street art while surfing 
and thought I might share it.

A little food for thought...

Ever felt like this?
I have.

this is so NOT TRUE!!!!
She is right!!!

A sign of the times....
I wish we could get the heck out of our 'wars.'

To me.....
This is real street art!!!
A dog bar on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach
But, I am prejusticed.....

It's a Palm Beach 'thang!!!' 

This one is my favorite painted street art.
How cool is that?

Some artistic individual was walking by.....
saw the pipe running up and down the side of the building....
and used it as a straw!!

Love it!!!

and this too.......!!!
I find it amazing that these creative people are 
walking among us.
Weeds in a crack of the sidewalk become art.
It's just the way we see,
 or do not see things.

Who knew?

Did you???

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  1. These are wonderful because they make us smile. We need a lot more street art.

  2. These are WONDERFUL! The first one is amazing and I also live the simple cheerleader on the sidewalk. Also, the dog bar is super-cute, but the woman's sandals walking by it are even cuter!

  3. The street art is amazing. I hope that these artists are using their talent to make a living. Nice that they share.

  4. it would be very interesting make the atlas of these pictures with google's locations...:)

  5. Always fascinating. There have been some amazing ones in London in the vein of your first one.

  6. up-today

    that would be quite COOL!

  7. Just amazing!!!! I have seen a few of these and was in awe then, really am now. Where do people come up with this stuff? Its that raw natural talent that is so exciting and so arresting. Very cool Renee!

  8. Neat! I admire people who think outside the box. They must have spent a lot of time imagining things in clouds as children, don't you think?

  9. de tout,

    for sure....
    i spent a lot of time spacing out, dreaming and designing as a kid.
    heck, i can't stop!!


  10. Fantastic Renee...such talent......Have a lovely weekend....xv

  11. LOVE these!! the straw lady is WILD!

  12. Anonymous13:41

    art is all around us. enjoyed your post. fun stuff. thanks.

  13. Renee that first artist has done lots of jaw dropping works.

    Love the pom-pom girl and the "Straw" pipe! We all need to smile, laugh more, and see beauty all around us.!!

    This while I just broke my toe, and haven't even had a glass of wine!

    Art by Karena

    I have a New, very fashionable Giveaway on my site! Come and see!

  14. AHHHHH! That first one scared the living daylights out of me!!!!!How cool was that?! All clever all fun.Maryanne xo

  15. Totally blown away. This was fun to see have to show my kids, they will get such a kick out of it.



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