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Saturday, June 18, 2011

I Need Me X 4...and a helmet

I am having one of those days.
Actually I am having many of them.
You know.....
things and info shooting at you for every direction.???
Ever have that happen?
I would love to wear a 'life helmet',
just to hold my brains in place.

back to planning....
and negotiating with my wonderful partner.
And he is is just that we are very much alike.
So....use your imagination.
As I compromise on things I do not want to,
the inside of my head feels just like a pinball machine on 'TILT'  

This to shall pass and I will adjust.
And remain grateful for the opportunity.

I am just staying close to G.O.D.
'good orderly direction'

And as many of you know,
 my mom has lost her companion of 16 years.
Thor, her beloved dalmation.
We all loved him.
So ...I will be going up to Maine
 to do some hand holding and other nice things.

1st dibs - image
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  1. Have a safe trip, Renee. I am glad that you get to go see your mother.

  2. Safe travels—in all directions. So sorry to hear about Thor.

  3. Shop openings are like planniung a wedding........ There will be compromises but after the doors open you will be in a better frame of mind. Best to Yvonne, it is hard to loose a friend of any kind...Maryanne

  4. thank you my sweet maryanne xxx

  5. Renee Your own shop is going to be so exciting; just so much in the planning!

    I know your Mother will be so happy to see you!!Yvonne is very special.

    Art by Karena

  6. I'm sure there are plenty of days you feel like your mind will explode but the end result will be many..great things, experiences and success. Just take yourself back to the very worst day with dragon lady and you'll know you are doing what you are meant to do. Give your mom a huge hug from me. I feel horrible for her loss.

    Best to you both xo xo

  7. home before,

    i is really sad.
    sometimes i would say that he was the best part of us

  8. home before,

    i is really sad.
    sometimes i would say that he was the best part of us

  9. oh deb....
    i think the stress pulling this place together,
    has compounded by my worries by my concern for mom,
    and her certain heartbreak. xx

  10. spending time with my mom always makes things better... even if I go to help her with something, her words and wisdom always end up helping me with something... even if I am not aware that I need it.. Hope you get some good "mom time"!
    sorry to hear about Thor... :(

    ((hugs ))

  11. I am doing the happy dance come on send me the dates, I am excited. awaiting an email with a conformation of date

    Mama xxx
    We will go to the boats and get Lobsta

  12. All your hard work will pay off, it always does! And your mom will find happiness again, she needs time. (And who knows, in time, there might be another wonderful beast that needs rescuing out there...)

  13. I so know that feeling. Sometimes I fear I add to the short circuiting by ingesting TOO MUCH CAFFEINE.

    Breath, have a good laugh an enjoy every moment of your visit,

    xo Jane

  14. Have a lovely time with your Mom. Love the 'Get Centered' pic on your sidebar, it really cracked me up!

    All will be OK on the day!

  15. aahhhh maine with your lovely mom... the best....
    and if it makes you feel any better... i am in the pinball machine with you... (in a good way) but still i need a helmet too please!

    enjoy... and have some blueberries for me please! xx

  16. Renee,
    So sorry to hear about your family's beloved dog...hang in there and hopefully that crisp fresh Maine air will help.

  17. The time away comforting your Mom will be wonderful for you and her both. Your showroom is going to be so lovely so no worries there, love on your sweet Mm and rest.



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