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Friday, June 3, 2011

Can You Ever Get Enough Of Kelly Wearstler ?

The bookcase is suberb.
The yellows are dramatic

Kelly Wearstler knows how to group a grouping !!!!
NO ?

a ' touch of Louis ' chairs in a setting can really anchor 
and set forward a style.
this dining room is NEW & FRESH.
That's what we want.

I love patent leather on chairs.
Especially these.

Baby chesterfield clubs!!

What can a girl say....?

Now these blue chairs are very FRESH & NEW
but they are actually upholstered chairs
taken for a very old antique chair.
I like.

Check out the mill work.
And the soft cool blue chinoiserie paper.

Yummy walls.
Such detailing....
kinda sets apart the 'women from the girls'.

Even the barstools have a geometric styling.

Lucite bar stools.

kelly wearstler, kelly wearstler, kelly wearstler, kelly wearstler

More mid-century / geometric styling
 in these dining room chairs.

Don't even!!!!
This is killing me.
What could be more hot that lacquered Chippendale chairs???  

The swing sofa -
check out the chain and the detailing on the cushion.
Are you taking notes ladies ?

Everyone knows how I feel about armless sofas.
And the chairs are chic and retro.
But I love the sofa.
It is SOOOOOO clean.

Check out this screen.

Kelly wearstler, Kelly wearstler, Kelly wearstler, Kelly wearstler

This makes me wanna get a roller and roll!!

Do you still need more Kelly Wearstler ???

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  1. Wow. Jaw dropping, breath taking. It's soooo funny because as I'm scrolling down, I'm thinking "This kind of decorating is what separates the men from the boys, no, the women from the girls!" and then a few pictures later, you wrote these exact words!

    It's the kind of design that stops you in your tracks and makes you look. It's catchy yet classic and classy, a very fresh take on the traditional.

  2. De tout, de rie

    i know
    she is a natural !!!
    you can see her free spirit in her work.
    I LOVE THAT!!!!

  3. Love those black and white round chairs! Interesting stuff here, I need to review more closely!

    I'm a traveling girl for the next 2 weeks!


  4. Kelly really puts together gorgeous spaces.
    I love the desk with the red bookcases. To die for!

  5. renae

    what do you mean???
    business or bikes ??

  6. Renee I couldn't even begin to tell you what images I love the most.

    She is really amazing and continually stronger and more unique in her design works.



    Art by Karena

  7. Renee,

    This is color 101 and historical furniture classes in review. Great photo's and you're right focus and take notes because there's lots of education going on here. Every design element is in place and it's contagious with a summer fever of entertaining. Great post!


  8. WOW Renee, what inspiration.....I LOVE that first bookcase and some of those chairs are gorgeous.
    Not quite sure about the 'graffiti-type' paint effect in the last photo.....I think it might grate on me after a while !! XXXX

  9. jacqueline

    ya' think ????


  10. love love love love her.

  11. fantastic post friend... kelly is one talented lady... xoxo

  12. Don't hate me.. I am not her biggest fan BUT do feel this post does great justice to her work. There were several very pretty spaces (not one of which is her own foyer which almost looks like a deranged murder scene, does not sit right me at all) Her taste is different than my own, but I appreciate her sometimes whimsical approach to decor, and would describe her mixes as being very "ecclectic" and very alive and again some I like and some I don't. You did a great post here though....hope you have a happy weekend!

  13. enchanted,

    the 'whimsy' part of her work is what i like.
    for the most part....
    she takes huge risks.

    that is why i think she is so hugely successful.
    she is brave
    and if a hotel wants to make a statement,
    and get people talking,
    they just might hire kelly wearstler.

    if they can afford her....

    xxx thank you for your excellent comment

  14. This was a fantastic Post
    mama and Thor XXXXXXXX



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