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Saturday, June 11, 2011

I wish i were in maine with my mom.....


My mother had to put down her best friend 
and only companion for the last 10 or 12 years.
Mom has had him for 16 yrs. 
Some of you know him.
He was an all white dalmatian, with an occasional 
red freckle here and there .
His eyes were a bright turquoise blue.

He was so sweet.
And I dare say......human

They did everything together.

I need to be with her now.
When I had to put down my horse.....
it took me 6 weeks to leave my house.
I went insane.
So, I understand the very special loss of a beloved animal.
Sometimes it is worse than losing a person.
I am quite sure that if you are reading this and thinking....
"how absurd."
"It is just an animal"

Then I say to you,
 that you have missed the purest love of them all.
And I am sorry for your loss as well.

Mom....I am trying....

For anyone who understands 
and would like to say something to my mom
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  1. Oh thats ashame and I certainly do not think its absurd to imply the strength of the bond between dog and owner is any less significant thant that of two humans. They are amazing compaions who love us unconditionally and lavish us with attention and love like no other. I sent her a message.....thanks for letting us know. I hope you might get the chance to be with her even if its a short while. Take care.....

  2. I cannot decide who I am in love with more....
    your Mama or her Thor.

    Bless them both.

  3. I'm sending love and good thoughts across to the universe to both you and your mom.

    I will go and send her my words as soon as I get out of work.

    I cannot imagine. My heart breaks.

    xo jane

  4. Renee I have been blog friends with your Mother, Yvonne and she is very special to me. The loss a pet can be so heart wrenching.

    After I lost my husband at only age 53, my beloved Scottie Carole Anne died also. I really did not know how much more I could take. I do understand.

    Art by Karena

  5. This is such sad news. I know how she feels right now. For fear of sounding horrible, I will not say where my dog ranks in my life, but hint she would rank after my very closest family members.
    My shih tsu is sick and old and I don't know what I am going to do. I wake up to make sure she is ok. I have stayed awake all night with get the message. I am so sorry. I am going to copy this to your mother.
    Bless her heart.

  6. I get it, really get it. I wrote your mom yesterday when she emailed me the news. Thor was the perfect companion as your mother was for him. I can say nothing that will help the pain but I can say that I care, and I am so very sorry.

    You are a good daughter Renee.

    xx oo

  7. I'm so very sad to hear of Thor's passing and know how devastated your Mom (and you!) must be right now. He was a beautiful animal and those blue eyes!! Yvonne is a dear lady and occasionally emails me; we shared the precious love of our 'furkids'. I'll send her a message.

    Hugs to you,

  8. I read and write this as my cat sits on my lap, my dog lies not far away. Animals rank very highly in my life. Thor sounded like he was an absolute darling, a quiet, strong and unfailing presence. Their lives, although too short, are so impactful! Love to you and your mom.

  9. So sorry for your mom losing her good friend, Thor.

  10. Hi Dear Renee
    I'm so sorry to hear this bad news..I know your mum was worried about him and I saw his 'birthday party'.. sweet thing she is.. I wish I could be there now also and I do understand this loss... I remember my own dog died at the age of 17.. I was 18 myself and had her almost all my life.. it was also only a few years after losing my mum.. I can still remember that day so well as I lost that unconditional love one only receives from a parent or pet... Gee we are a sorry lot.. hehe.. but it's going to be tough for her...

    On another note.. those images you have found are just so bittersweet... the lantern in the fields.. speaks volumes of how your mum must be feeling..

    Take care dear Renee.. I'll pop over and visit your mum now.. ciao xxx Julie

  11. my greatest appreciation
    to all of you.

    as always....
    my bloggie friends are true and always there.

    xxx thank you for the love and well wishes xx

  12. Dear Renee,
    I, too, an so sorry to hear the sad news. I commented on your mum's post about him the other week, when he took a turn for the worse. When our first pet had to be put to sleep, I couldn't believe how sad I was. I knew it would be sad, but didn't realise the awful heartache that we all went through. I cannot bring myself to have anymore pets now, knowing that I will have to go through it again. We have been through it 3 times and each time was devastating so, I know exactly how your mum is feeling. All we can do is keep the precious memories of our faithful friends close to our heart and be grateful that we shared their lives and had their companionship.
    .....and, much love to you Renee, as I'm sure it's just as bad for you and also being so far away from your mum.
    Take care Renee and I am thinking of you. Will pop over to Yvonne's now. XXXX

  13. Can understand how heart breaking is must be for Yvonne (will go and visit her right away)

    I cried most of my flight across the Atlantic when one of my Siamese cats had to be put down the day before.

  14. Oh Renee, Isn't everyone wonderful. This made me feel much better, it's like an a hug when you are so alone.
    I was working in the rock garden and stopped to come check on Thor, I keep doing things like looking around for him. This was so sweet Thor would have snuggled up to you
    for this. Miss you.
    I'll send you a ticket to Maine
    Give me a date. Mama XXX

  15. Find the time my pet your Mum needs you now even if it's only to give her a big, big hug! I know!!!!
    Lots of hugs to you Jules xxx

  16. You mom & I email almost daily, so I know of this. Our entire family loves animals as much as you guys and, yes, we completely understand. It is just tragic. Unconditional love is what we share with them. I am so sad. But his birthday party rocked bigtime, didn't it?

  17. ...Drying my eyes...

    godspeed to Thor. Blessings to your Mom...and YOU!

  18. splenderosa,

    his party did rock out!!!!
    i just wish it could have gone on forever.

  19. thank you all for your sweet comments and concern for thor and my mom.
    this is a retched time for her.




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