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Friday, May 13, 2011

I Love Glass

It Is So Important

And there are many reasons why....


Bringing the outside inside -
I don't feel trapped in a room with huge windows.

It is bright and shiny....I like that!

While looking for just the right space for my new showroom....
 I found the location, and it wasn't easy to find a shop with enough 
window from left to right that would make me happy.
I did. It was perfect.
It just so happened the spot made my partner happy too,
and we knew this was the only unit for us.
But getting it was quite another story.

But finally after much finessing ....
we finally have the exact unit that we wanted. 
With big one big window!!!

re: this closet
Have you ever seen these closets ?
I am not sure, but I believe they are German made, and are absolutely cool.
Love them.


...and my point about how glass brings the outside inside,
it also will bring the inside outside.
 And that is just what I need 
when potential clients are walking, or driving by.
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  1. Renee,

    Glass is the soul of "space",
    "light" is time of place...and...
    Once one enters your new "space of light"
    they will never be the same again!

    Customers becoming clients will come back again and again because it's a part of "YOU" they desire and we give a piece of ourselves with everyone we, greet, meet, and work design magic on.



  2. bette
    i may have to print this comment out !!!
    you are the best!
    thank you xx

  3. Oooooh. another step closer!! Wonderful!

  4. This is a fabulous post....I love open space, large glass windows..The 2 story glass frontage (and the terrace) is the main reason for moving my showroom to its present location. At corridors are walls of glass.
    Glass lets sun and life and....clients in!!

  5. i have been gone for awhile, have you left the sweat shop? tell me please whats up.

  6. Right on sister! congratulations on your new space! Best wishes!

  7. Renee,
    You are so right!!! A really thought provoking post. Congrats on your new exciting!

  8. acorn,
    thanks....i am hoping it is true.


  9. cj
    the sweat shop is no longer in my life...
    but i have a new own showroom

    thanks for catching up xxx

  10. I love glass and I don't like anything that covers it! I love wide open spaces filled with glass! Your photographs are incredible. I'm so happy I found your blog via my sweet friend Laura at White Spray Paint, love that lady! I'll be back.


  11. Now I know why you liked all my windows, I too need to see out..
    Excited to see the shop, Please do before and after on this.
    It will benifit you in many ways.
    Tim from Ohio had a kitchen like that it was private, only the ocean.

    Happy for you, Mama xxxxxxxx

  12. I love windows and light too. Congratulations on your new space. I hope you keep us filled in on all the details of your new showroom!

  13. Lovely! I adore dark wood floors! Enjoy the fabulous day, Kellie xx

  14. I an so excited for you Renee!! Cannot wait to hear more, and I love lots of light and windows!!

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