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Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Blog Has Been Sick....

My blog will not let me log in to it.
Google Chrome is not meshing with blogspot this week.
Blogger will not let me log-in to comment either.

I am extremely uneasy about being on exploror.
I can acess my blog today from EXP.
but I hate being on it.
I don't want my laptop getting sick too.
That just would send me over the edge.

On a much brighter note.....

Well, it is coming along.
The butted glass window in the office will be sharp.

Ofcourse it wasn't done that way originally,
they only had 3 feet in each direction.
AND.....they tried to get out of making it correctly.
* as shown in above image.

But....I started my very own
'good cop - bad cop' routine.
Whippng out the plans 
and detailed drawings
that I submitted in the beginning of all the work.

In the end the drawings prevailed....
I got my way.
I must say they have been really good to me.

The left side of this picture is the front window.
AND....I am getting terribly excited!!!!!

I owe a big huge hug and thank you to Bette from IDEEZINE.
Bette got me doing these visualizations....
In addition to the visualization boards
I developed my own mantra {on my sidebar)
My visual wishes are coming true.
I feel closer to the universe than ever.
I believe that good things will happen.

And there is someone else
who I feel compelled to thank
for believing in me...when I was losing faith.

Thank You C.S.!!!

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  1. HI Renee
    Things are coming along nicely.. you must be excited!!

    You know I am having comments issues too.. leaving comments on other blogs.. and have had emails telling me friends can't leave comments on mine!.. so annoying... wonder if we are being 'bloggered' again!! I thought maybe it was just my blog but can see it is affecting others.

    Well.. have a great day.. and hope this comment goes through.. ciao xxx Julie

  2. These progress posts are the best, Renee. Keep posting them if blogger will allow you to, of course!

    Love the corner window ~ always a favourite trick of mine too.

    I am getting excited for you!

  3. It looks fantastic, you must be so excited.

    Congratulations on achieving " fruition".

    xo Jane

  4. I'm having the same problems with blogger, Renee. So frustrating and a complete waste of time. Good luck with getting through the build's always difficult.
    Marsha @ Splenderosa

  5. Renee,

    I am humbled by your acknowledgment...and I know the magnitude of your spirit. Remember it's your feeling of what you seek that brings the dreams to materialize.

    You're doing beautifully and we who comment here and follow the dreamer "believe" and "feel" what you "feel". Therefore we hold that thought until you change it. It is written...Two or more and the wish is granted. I am so excited for you it is beyond is Devine!

    Hope you can sleep tonight and dream bigger for tomorrow!

    Huge hugs, smiles, tears and cheers...all things just keep getting better.


  6. Oh know that I've had MASSIVE problems with Blogger and, just as I thought that all was well, I couldn't comment yesterday. Wrote some comments yesterday, worthy of a Nobel Prize !!, and, they wouldn't publish....SOoooo frustrating. It seems to be working today though so, hopefully, yours will be back on track soon.
    Things look as if they are coming on nicely in your showroom/shop......also, you seem to have some very nice young builders working there !!!!!!!!!! haha...... a nice little perk I think !! XXXX

  7. oh bette....

    my heart is filled today with your sweet and encouraging words.
    i send you a giant hug and XX.s

  8. jax

    i can't take this blogger bloop.
    i have little time as it is to blog....
    and the accessing it through some back door is a pain in my as$.
    thanks for the beutisful comment yesterday that was eaten by the blogasphere.

    much love xxx

  9. blue....
    have i told you today that i adore when you visit.
    xxx thank you

  10. I just want Ideezine to be my mommy. What lovely words of support. We all feel the same way about you Renee!
    Much love and keep your hard hat handy if need be!
    xo Lisa

  11. It's going to look sensational!
    I'm going back in my chrome history to dashboard and getting straight in that way and can also comment! It's actually quicker than logging on (which I can't do) as long as I haven't been too busy on the net.
    I am just so excited for you my Sweet love you lots Jules xxx

  12. Renee!! Exciting things are happening over there!! Major happy for you. I feel the good karma moving in your direction and predict all great things are heading your way. Very happy that you made the deicsions you did and think you are going to never ever look back with an ounce of regret!
    Sorry to hear your blog caught "blogitis" apparently many have had it, mine caught a trace of it too.....its been going around but hopefully its on its way out once and for all and the season is gone for good! Best of luck, forge ahead and keep that pretty head up to be ready for all the exciting challenges that lay ahead, the best is yet to come!

  13. lisa
    i love that!!
    i will.
    and thank you BIG TIME for the comment XXXX

  14. enough about me,

    how the heck are you ?
    you are in my prayers eveerday!!

  15. Hi Renee!
    Hey we had PC problems here and had to replace the hard drive, and lo and behold now on some blogs I am Anonymous!!!!! So you are not the only one....... Looks like the new place is coming along..... Hang in there. I HATE technology.Maryanne xo

  16. Renee!!!
    This is so exciting.... You must be giddy with all that is transpiring. It is going to be lov- er-ly!!!

    I have a Mac and have had no probs with blogger... Well that is when I blog !!! Hehe



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