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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Doggy Bathtubs And Tunnels In Manalapan


In the heart of Florida’s Gold Coast, the prestigious oceanfront enclave of Manalapan Beach lies in Palm Beach County, between the Town of Palm Beach and Boca Raton.

Buckle up.....
This cottage goes for a cool $ 20,000,000.00.

The dining room paneling is beautifully done. 
This to me,
is amazing.
Look closely at the kitchen cabinets. 
Behind the cabinets on either side of the stove,
the cabinets have been actually mounted on the windows.

This is the wall we will reupholster.

This is the ceiling in the master bedroom.
I could be very happy laying flat on my back in this room.
{wink wink}

and the pool....

more details

And this is 'HAL' -
he runs everything in the house.
Pretty wild isn't it?
But, there is more.

Every home needs an elevator.
I know that on some days ....
stairs look so daunting.

This is the view on the back terrace-with  a lovely fireplace.
That is the ocean across this 2 lane highway.

There are terraces all over. the front , the back, and the sides.
There is a huge pool house as well.
I think there is something like 20 thousand feet under air.

The view from the dining room.

This is one of my favorite features......
look at this picture.
You will see something 
that looks like a garage under this railing...
It is a tunnel to the beach.
It goes under the 2 lane highway straight to the ocean.

So CHIC!!!

This is my other favorite feature....
the doggie bath.

PEEK A BOO.....I see you!!
 that is me drooling over the many selections of onyx 
that this brilliant designer used.
 He was handsome and charming.
Not a bad way to spend  a morning in Palm Beach.

What do you think of the glass kitchen cabinets,
the tunnel, and the doggie bath????
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  1. Years ago when renovating I wanted to use glass front cabinets but just a couple. The only place it would work was on either side of my stove where the floor plan had windows. I tried to explain this exact thing to my builder but he said it could not be done. If I only had this picture then...
    I am now showing the dog shower to my plumber since we just got a puppy and are thinking of ways to put in a shower/puppy bath in my old laundry room.
    As for the tunnel, I can't use that idea anywhere in my house but boy oh boy would I love to have a house with a tunnel under the highway to the beach, a great solution to a horrible problem. I can't even imagine the cost!

  2. marybeth

    how cute are you???
    blog stalker!!!

    super duper comment, and so true.
    the builders and everyone else is always telling us
    that something fabulous can't be done.

    and maybe lazy, unqualified, can't think or get out of their boxes.....

    xx come back & see me xxx

  3. marybeth

    how cute are you???
    blog stalker!!!

    super duper comment, and so true.
    the builders and everyone else is always telling us
    that something fabulous can't be done.

    and maybe lazy, unqualified, can't think or get out of their boxes.....

    xx come back & see me xxx

  4. I think its pretty insanely amazing. LOVE IT, the views are outstanding. Doggie bath/shower concept seems to be growing.....such a practical idea if one has the room. The tunnel obviously a bit more of a extravagance!! But how!! Fabulous home..have fun!

  5. The whole thing reminds me so much of our home.


  6. Renee,

    How fun is this and you're in your element for sure. Visuals are vital because we speak different internally. Love this beach cottage the dog shower a must. I use to take my dog to a self service dog wash within a pet supply store. We loved it...genius idea in the home especially at the beach.

    Wall upholstery will be fabulous and I love that idea. What a great concept of glass kitchen cabinets adding light to the cooktop area.

    Thanks for sharing a great project.


  7. linda,
    i couldn't agree more!!!

    Hugs & Kisses

  8. Sigh! Can your client adopt me? I won't intrude too much, I'll even use the doggie bath if I have too, lol!!

  9. We have the doggy bath..we just don't have one any more! When are we moving in? After all what's a cool 20 million between friends?!!!!! xxxJules

  10. This is beyond anything I have ever worked on...leave it to PalmBeach. Amazing project to be working on, so happy for your new direction in your career. xo francine

  11. jules

    hi darling.
    it was really amazing...
    i left out so much...
    one being the temp. controlled wine cellar.
    oooh la la
    hope you are doing well
    big hug

  12. De tout, de rien ,

    too late....
    you would be # 5 offering to use the doggie bath,
    with me being the first!!!
    hahahahah big hug!!!!

  13. francine,

    i hope you know how much that means to me.
    thank you xxx

  14. Hello Renee, I'm so glad you left a comment on my Royal wedding post so I could discover your lovely blog! I've been absent from my two blogs for a while as my husband and I have just moved to a new house in the country, but now I finally have the chance to catch up on good blogs old and new! Your current project is so exciting...what an amazing shell to work with! I love love love that panel molding throughout...I'm hoping to do something similar in our new bedroom. And that doggy shower is brilliant! Although, my little chihuahua wouldn't really need a shower that big :)

    If you get a chance I'd love for you to check out my other blog, The French Mouse House where I will be sharing inspiration from our new country home.

    The French Mouse

  15. WOWZERS! This is a dream house on steroids. Can't wait to see what you do to this place. Love the idea of cabinets on glass walls. Would love to know how this was engineered.



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