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Friday, May 20, 2011

Somethings Never Change....Like Leopards

I stopped in at the old place to see some women 
that genuinely miss.
And there was 'that nasty Medusa' 
talking all kinds of trash about me.
I never did anything to her 
except for stand up for myself 
when I caught her stealing a big sale from me.
She and her histrionic sidekick were making fun of me 
{behind my back as always}
and calling me stupid for taking a space in a high rent district.
Not exactly wishing me well....
But , that's okay.
When you are envious, or hate someone,
the only person it really hurts is you.
Feeling that way...
and saying nasty things about someone..., 
or wishing someone ill -
is like eating poison.
That's right ,
poisoning yourself. 

Yes, eat it .

Medusa tells my ex-coworkers, who I do miss,  
that it is bull@#tt that I have hospice 
to my house everyday for my mother in law.
She thinks I am not even taking care 
of my sick mother in law.
Like I would make that kind of weird stuff up.....!? !
She is the weirdo.

This is 'the grandma!!!'
And let's give this fictitious lady a name....
MARIE is her name.
She is the sweetest and most fragile woman ...
living with me now going on 2 years.
I feed her, kiss her , talk to her and yes,
and change her diaper with her son at night.
{with my nose in a clothes pin}
*My ex-husband, her son is a hero in my eyes

Because the nurse {from HOSPICE}
does it in the morning.

Medusa is one revolting individual.
A hateful broad.
Inside and out.

Do you think she would believe me 
if she could see my diaper bag???
{And that's putting it as nicely as i can}

Why does this make me want to post about it?
 because I don't have what I want to post about ready yet.
I want to post about the new line of case-goods 
and upholstery I have designed.

It's coming, I am working on the images.
And then I need your help making some final choices.
Can you help me do that????

Today I am working on the sign.........

P.S. the middle one will have the chairs illustrated in black and white.

Do you like or HATE?
 PICK ONE; 1, 2 or 3

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  1. Yes, but don't know that my judgement is reliable at present!
    Jealousy eventually destroys so just keep on being you and ignore her.
    Bless you and all mt love Jules xxxx

  2. Anonymous02:42

    be well. take care of you, stay away from the negative people. not nice to hear and it only eats at your pure spirit. move boldly forward in your new direction. best of luck to you.

  3. You are a great human for taking care of this beautiful fragile person in bed. Looking at the picture I wanted to hug her.
    Only good things will come your way

  4. Dear Renee
    Just let go of the wankers.. thankfully that is your past life... don't let them eat into your new life!! They just don't have the balls to create their own path... Might need to take some lessons from you!! hehe

    Have a great week... ciao xxx Julie

  5. the above 4 comments are WHY I BLOG.
    it is the strength i get from you that has made my dream possible!!

  6. I know it's hard to kick vipers off, they have a grip, don't they? And in doing so, they rub you of your confidence.

    It's what in your heart that you should hold on to. You know the truth, you know what you are capable of. Don't ever doubt it or let losers like her influence you.

    If you have witnesses, you should sue her for libel, or at least threaten to, as those are serious allegations.

    Take care and keep going forward with your new business venture. As they say, the best revenge is living well.

  7. de tout,
    you know...
    my mom suggested the same thing.
    hit her with a law suit.
    i may have to.
    this is a small town
    and a small design community.

    love you , and thank you for always being there xxxx

  8. Hi Renee..dont blog anymore but I'm here right now to wish you the best always...Hope you are doing fantastic and excited about the new adventure..Good luck!!

    love, Silvia:)

  9. Jealous people are that way because they can't bare to look at themselves. They usually hate themselves, blaming everyone else for not having what they want.
    If they would spend that time achieving their goals, they wouldn't have time to bash everyone else.
    Love the dress in the first picture, and the young lady in the third picture is darling.

  10. tess,
    you rock!
    and you are 'right on' in all accounts~

  11. Don't get mad, get even better. Wishing you great success.

  12. What an ugly, ugly person she is...karma is a you-know-what and it will come back to her in spades, just watch. Blessings to your sweet mother-in-law as you help her during this time, as well as to you and your hubby. Caring for a sick loved one is trying, to say the least. Keep your head held high and continue to take the high road. Cheers!

  13. My thoughts on Medusa...if we take the high road, what others do for our harm, God will turn to our good. Every time someone says something nasty or ugly about you just remember that blessings are coming your way. Life is to short to let this kind of person steal your joy. Don't allow them to take your joy! On a different note, I pick number 2.

  14. moss,
    thank you!
    i am so torn with this sign design!!!

  15. Renee,
    I can tell as much as you are trying not to; that this situation really upsets you. I am so proud of you and all you are accomplishing!

    Try to take the high road, hold your head up, you are a loving giving person, you WILL come out ahead!

    Art by Karena

  16. Dear Renee,
    I don't think that I will give the Medusa and her sidekick the satisfaction of commenting about them. They are not worth the effort. It all goes without saying.
    I just want to say what an angel you are, looking after Marie. I do know what it's like a little, as I had to do similar for my dad but, not for as long as you have been doing it.
    Marie looks such a lovely lady and I am sure that she appreciates everything that you and her son do for her.
    I am sure that you will have great success in your new venture and, I choose the middle one....Number 2.
    Ignore everything that you are hearing.....jealousy is a terrible thing.
    Lots of love Renee and a kiss and a hug for Marie from me. XXXX

  17. The best revenge is taking care of yourself and being the best "you" you can be. Succeeding in your future endeavors, being happy and content and completing blocking out the "haters" and animosity is key here, it will eat away at you like a poison. It is toxic and absolutely nothing good can come of it. You must choose to ignore it as though it does not exist...poof! It is gone. Gone for good. It is so irrelevant, it does not exist. It is not worth your valuable time. You can walk away with your head held high, they have to live with their miserable jealous selves. Think of how liberating THAT is. Pity them and walk away. Smile and celebrate that freedom, baby!

  18. In this town - yes, I'm in the same town as you - there are so many people who are unhappy, boring and just plan jealous! GOOD FOR YOU for opening a place on your own (Sign #1, by the way), go for your dreams!!

    Northern Light

  19. natasha

    we shall haave to meet some day.
    i will be on plaza real south - between chops and lemon grass

    xx thank you for your kind message xx

  20. Excellent post, Renee! I am very proud of you and so excited for you! I think that what you're doing for your MOL is wonderful - these are the things that matter in life! I would love to come to your opening if at all possible and bring some "Annechovie" for the walls, too. I am very happy you escaped from Medusa and her evil, toxic fumes. Love ya, Girl! xo

  21. oh anne...
    i love you to my darlin'
    and i will definitely have you to the opening!!!
    and all anchovie merchandise would be greatly appreciated

  22. Renee,

    It was quite a surprise when I read your previous blog to find out that you were breaking away from that depressing environment! We don't need toxic people in our lives. Once you are gone, they will find a new person to hate on simply because they are so unhappy with themselves. I am so happy for you and wish you the best in your new venture.


  23. #1 stay out of that old place and don't let miss snakey face bug you anymore...... Let the people you miss come see you...
    #2 Marie is lucky to have you....I can't imagine what that is like to deal with. Ssh does indeed look sweet
    #3 The signs..... You know I have an idea..... I like the chairs...But I think if someone was driving by the identification of what the business is is important.I know that the standard wording is "TO THE TRADE" but if you did FOR the trade as lots of thing are listed in alphabetical order on shopping websites etc it might give you better advantage. Also One chair might give you more space...Just a few ideas. It all looks great though!!!!Maryannexo

  24. Where is your new POST????
    We are all waiting..

  25. M,
    these are all great ideas buddy!!

    each one of them will be applied to my 'brain'!!

    i like your point about the signs.
    thanks you XXX's

  26. Signage? Number 3, definitely number 3! As for "Medusa" well, anyone that pathetic I can only feel sorry for, seriously.

    As for the chair, ohh, la, la! You won't be able to keep up with the orders

    It feels like you're stepping into your best life!

    All the best,
    Susan S

    P.S. Give



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