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Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Lady Gave It Her Best

Zenyatta came within a head 
of finishing a perfect career.

Horse racing’s biggest star closed from dead last on Saturday, only for Blame to hold off the 6-year-old mare and win the $5 million Breeders’ Cup Classic under the lights Churchill Downs.

Blame went to the front in the middle of the stretch, then fought off another spectacular bid from the unbeaten Zenyatta to win by a head.

Zenyatta entered the race hoping to improve to 20-0 on her career. She loped behind the field for the first mile of the race before closing in a hurry.

Blame answered the challenge.
from ZENYATTA'S diary yesterday

Hello everyone,

Yesterday I went to the track and galloped. There was a huge crowd there to see me and watch me. People came from all over just to meet me. It was great! I loved the surface. It felt great under my feet. Steve had fun too!

After grazing and breakfast, I went to school. Walking over to the paddock, it was so amazing to just look up at the Twin Spires. This place has so much history. All went so well, John said I may not have to go to school tomorrow.

Then when grazing this afternoon,it was so special to see all of the cars stopping to see me. People were actually doing U turns in the middle of the street to stop and take my picture. It was so much fun visiting with all of these wonderful friends, I tried to personally say hello to all of them.

Another great day,,,,,,,I am one very lucky girl!

Hugs to all! ( from Zenyatta)
who has a wonderful website - click her name

I wish I could kiss her face tonight!
xxx's from me

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  1. So sweet Renee.
    She does have a beautiful face doesn't she?
    She indeed gave it her best.
    Night night.....xoxo's

  2. okay......
    i get it!

    you want drama and or

    i can't help it.
    i am a horsie girl.
    so please indulge me.


  3. Oh Renee;
    What a good girl she was!
    A nod to a great running career and a lofty amount of time in the meadow.....
    Well earned!
    Lovely race, caught it at the opportune time and it was well watched!
    Congrats, and sweet feed and rolled oats for everyone!

  4. So sweetly written Renee. I have such admiration for these horses and always worry when i watch them race. They are so beautiful but yet so fragile. You cannot help but think their contribution to mankind.

  5. I hope they make a movie about her.
    Zenyatta is such a beautiful horse.
    The Movies today have nothing but junk, this would be a heartwarming film.




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