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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Got A Shovel?

I kept rolling around in bed last night 
waking occasionally in fear 
Did I order a table for a client
that is too big for the space? 
It is going into a 2 walled banquette area 
that is in a family room. 
The area is adjacent to a passage way.....

I gave into the clients pressure 
to order this pedestal table because 
of the specific look.
'Pottery Barn-ish'
I guess the worst that will happen 
is that we can pop the top off and re-size it.

I hate this......
as I am typing 
I am freaking internally.

I found the long blurb below 
by happenstance 
 and thought it was interesting.
Maybe you will too.
huh? maybe??????
YOU perfect blogger you!!!

Fear of Failure:
Perfectionists are also much more afraid to fail than are high achievers. Because they place so much stock in results and become so disappointed by anything less than perfection, failure becomes a very scary prospect. And, since anything less than perfection is seen as ‘failure’, this can lead to…

It seems paradoxical that perfectionists would be prone to procrastination, as that trait can be detrimental to productivity, but perfectionism and procrastination do tend to go hand in hand. This is because, fearing failure as they do, perfectionists will sometimes worry so much about doing something imperfectly that they become immobilized and fail to do anything at all! This leads to more feelings of failure, and a vicious cycle is thus perpetuated.

Perfectionism is one of the traits associated with obsessional behavior and like obsessionality is also believed to be regulated by the basal ganglia. (so this is the problem area)

I just want to dig that thing 
out of my head!!!!!

Gotta a shovel??
XXX's just me

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  1. Ahha! Now I know why I can't finish our cottage!

  2. THANK YOU...THANK YOU....THANK YOU!!!! I feel....a tad bit better! I have these feelings ALL the time. I am usually paralyzed until just before a deadline. I put so much thought and worry into everything. I want everyone to be happy and love it as much as I do. I might call my doctor today to see about removing my BG.Or...I may just procrastinate....K

  3. I believe I have that too. But a shovel would be too big. Perhaps you would like a scalpel instead? Enjoy a beautiful day, Kellie xx

  4. jules...............
    it can be paralyzing.

    just go for it!!!

    xxx me

  5. I'll let you use my shovel..

    Your OK and I'm OK

  6. Did not know that procrastination and perfectionism were entwined. I too am a big hot mess.....

    But we're adorable aren't we? Please say we are!

    xo xo

  7. debbie,

    yes we are ADORABLE!!!!


  8. Well, I did this WITHOUT professional help: I ordered a tall bookcase, shorter than my ceiling, what could go wrong? Not enough ceiling to raise up the sucker! Now it goes to my 9' dining room...and the dominoes continue to fall. EGADS!

  9. I'm adorable too! I know very well perfectionism and procrastination. And 'dang' I hate that second 'P'!

    R...don't sweat the decision...I know you did it PERFECTLY!!!


  10. What do you know...I thought I was just lazy!

  11. Renee You hit the nail on the head!!
    bugger.. that is why I kill myself with work... but you knew that.. hehe

    I say shovel sound just about perfect!!! Hang.. did I type this correctly? ...or.. could some other instrument do the job better? Maybe I should research this and then act when I know I have all the facts and that I will do the best job.. hahahahaha

    Have fun .. don't worry too much.. xxx Julie

  12. Hi Renee,

    Hope that it all worked out well for you.
    I am sure like Audrey, you could not do any wrong.

    Happy Thursday

  13. Is it just me or do I detect a whole lot more crazy control-freak perfectionsists around these days? I honestly don't think you fall into this category mate, so don't worry. Kick back & relax, what will be, will be.
    Millie ^_^

  14. So THAT'S why so many people are walking around with holes in the base of their head?!

    I have a mutant form...procrastination without the perfectionism trait. I think I was gyped!

  15. Renee,

    I call these times my "hot flashes of inspiration" and treat it like art and let it transform the whole situation. It happens for a reason called intense focus. Your all ok and just special forces of nature Beautiful Women enjoy your uniqueness.


  16. Tell whats; give a shovel too and we both dig each others ganglia out LoL
    Love you crazy
    Will follow because as now we have to dig each others ganglia out I have to!

  17. i feel your pain---i have basically given up trying to sleep the night before an installation of anything custom. the last installation of 6 inside mount shades almost made my head explode.

  18. I loved all the comments on this one!
    And like everyone else, I believe everything worked out well & fine for you.

  19. design optimist

    i feel your pain as well.
    i just went through the 'inside mount' nightmare last month
    and did a pretty funny post on it.

    but it didn't help the reality of it.

    this clients house i am definitely doing OUTSIDE mount.
    that way....
    a blind man without arms couldn't screw it up.

    thanks for coming over xxxx

  20. How did you know me THAT well?! (:

    I am trying to to shaken things up a little not be so stuck in "it has to be a certain way". It is sontime consuming and at times so boring. A big shovel is needed here as well...

    Now, how did it go w. the table? A lot of lost sleep over nothing, I am almost certain!

    Happy new week to you.

    ox, Mon



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