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Thursday, August 12, 2010

The August Sale....And My Best White Jacket

I suppose that I have mentioned that every year 
( YES.I made it more than a year....July 14th was 1 year for me)
we have a huge, crazy, nutty sale.
If I haven't mentioned it.....I will now.
It is stressful.
I am so not kidding.
And I know I have mentioned many times what a huge adjustment 
this has been for me to work in sales.
Not just in sales......
But, on the premier, hard core, real deal, best furniture selling job in town.
This takes guts and courage daily.
After all ....
I am just a 'creative type.'
Not really a 'flesh eating' type.

see above-
'flesh eating type'
and hasn't he done well for himself?
see above;
will say or do anything for a sale type.
But this chic is scary. Really scary.
here is the 'will do anything' type.....
When I first started I had a few giving me a hard time,
(see above)
and now they are my allies.
Thank G-d for small favors.
In fact we are pretty close.
And she does look just like that!
And then there is me......
I am freaked out about going into work today.
I have to work late - until 9pm
There are 2, 
I mean 3 people who are deadly towards me 
and I will be working alone with them tonight.
No allies.....
Just me and the other 3 devil dogs.
Wish me luck.....
this is so stressful.
Perhaps I will wear my good white jacket to work today.
What do you say?
At least I will fit in!!!!!

When will August be over ????

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  1. I've got your back sista, although too far away to be a threat this weekend. But, I wield a mean laptop. Yes, thank the Lord you have allies there at work, it can make or break a gal. I so know what it feels like to work a shift with those who are not in your corner. Can make for one Just hope you can "feel the love" from all of us who adore you as go to work today? No go 'whistle while you work' and kick some butt.
    xoxo love ya Renee

  2. oops forgot, "congratulations" for making it one full year +. This must not go without praise. xx

  3. I think you just flew over the
    cuckoo's nest. You are so funny
    HANG in there Renee. This made me laugh, Can they really be that awful?

  4. Dear Renee,
    Well, if you can survive a year there then you must be doing a lot right.
    You are a class act so go in, wearing that white jacket with pride.
    Once more into the breach, Renee !!!! XXXX

  5. Hang in there and congrats on making it through 1 year!

    Oh and do wear a stiff jacket just in case any of them bring their claws out!!!

  6. Hey Sweet Friend! Woohoo to you that you made it in 'that' place for over a year now. Proud of you and you have held your head high and not stooped to the levels of your coworkiers. Holding your hand and big tight hugs.
    love ya Girl...xoxo

  7. uggggg..
    i am home now.
    it wasn't as horrible as i thought it would be.
    why do i put myself through these
    stressful panic attacks?

    i kept myself busy and away from the nut-bags.

    i love you guys.
    and yes...
    the love i feel from my 'bloggies' get me through some tough days.

    XX's and hugs

  8. If you're reading this, you're home and you did it.

    knew you would kiddo, we're all here waiting for you and cheering you on.

    BIG hug, Jane

  9. HI Renee,
    Congrats on making it one year! I know how hard retail can be! I was a women's sportswear designer a long time ago and moved ot CA. I wound up working in Nordstoms for a bit in the same department my cloting was in! Working retail truly tested my survival skills!!!
    Hang in there!

  10. debi...


    this is really and truly the test of my life time.
    or it sure feels that way.

    xxxx thanks

  11. Glad to hear you kept those Devil Dogs at bay. That year went quick! We need to raise our glasses to you.
    Millie ^_^

  12. Uh Oh!!! I hope you survived!!!!



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