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Friday, August 13, 2010

What Rich People Like

In Palm Beach anyway...
I have never been a big fan of Lilly Pulitzer but among the Waspy Elite
(and I mean that in a good way. After all. I have been a Wasp in training all my life)
it is Hot Hot Hot!!!!!
...and for years now.

Imagine we boggies wearing this at a get together.

Now if you need long matches for your fireplace...
try these.
It is a nice package for sure.
And it would make a great hostess gift.

Again, not me.

Although I would use one of these.

A hoot and a half.

This is a cute pick up item for someone you know from PB that travels a lot.

So not me.

I would rather die than wear these.
But it might have something to do with the size of my butt.

I 'd wear these.

The best part of Lilly Pulitzer is the way her shop is decorated.
These are the walls and I think they are fabulous.

Do you like or no??

But if you do like her stuff here is her story, it is really a great one.

As  reported earlier this fall on ShelterPop, the team behind Lilly Pulitzer has teamed up with Garnet Hill, the catalog retailer of whimsical sheets, home furnishings and apparel. The new bedding collection will be both instantly recognizable to Lilly fans with its bold prints and brighter than bright color schemes. 

"In response to overwhelming demand from our customers, we've forged a great partnership with Garnet Hill, says Janie Schoenborn, design director of Lilly Pulitzer. "We know that Lilly customers love to decorate their home, and they love to do it in Lilly. We've developed decorative yet fun, playful prints for bedding and towels made for multi-generational appeal. It's Lilly's way of saying 'goodnight'!"

We checked in with the folks at Lilly Pulitzer to learn more about how Lilly Pulitzer made its journey from a small juice stand in Palm Beach to its impending home goods line with Garnet Hill. Here's a timeline of Lilly Pulitzer's progress:

1931 Lilly McKim is born in Roslyn, NY.
1949 Lilly graduates from Miss Porter's School, where she rooms with Jacky Bouvier (the future Mrs. John F. Kennedy).
1950 Lilly elopes with Peter Pulitzer and the couple moves to Palm Beach. In the late 1950s, she'll open a juice stand in Palm Beach.
1959 The 'Classic Shift Dress' makes its debut at the juice stand. In the early 1960s, Jacqueline Kennedy is photographed wearing a "Lilly" and it appears in LIFE magazine.
1960s to 1970s Lilly Pulitzer becomes the unofficial uniform of the affluent at play.
1980 The Official Preppy Handbook labels Lilly Pulitzer dresses and skirts as preppy must-haves.
1984 Lilly retires and closes the business.
1993 The Lilly Pulitzer brand is revived by two Pennsylvania businessmen.
2005 Lilly pens her first book Essentially Lilly: A Guide to Colorful Entertaining.
2008 Parsons the New School for Design opens a retrospective of her work.
2010 Lilly Pulitzer Home for Garnet Hill debuts.
Lilly Pulitzer

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  1. hmmmm.. maybe not.. although I do like the way the shop is decorated...

    Can just see me in those short shorts!!! hahaahaha Not...

    Hope you are having a fabulous weekend Renee... xxx Julie

  2. Sheets maybe, shorts no.
    Rich people are so crazy,
    xo xo

  3. Not me....but love those walls in the shop....xv

  4. Well just goes to prove what I have always known....Money does not equal good taste or style!!!!

  5. I admit to being a Lily Pulitzer fan in my early days (teens) and my girls paraded around town in their own Lilly dresses. We lived in Connecticut then and it came with the territory.. Those days are gone for me but like you I would happily sip coffee (iced) in one of those tall lovelies and could wear the sandals too. Spotting a Lilly overseas looks strange to me. I think it looks best amongst those who love it and wear it together.

    Interesting about Garnet Hill...I miss that store and their wonderful sheets!

    Love the story of her life Renee..I always learn something new here :)

    Jeanne ;)

  6. I wouldn't mind them...if there wasn't such a faux elitism to them. Blech. And I'm sorry...but Garnet Hill and Lilly are polar opposites. Love Garnet Hill.

  7. Sorry to say but I cannot bear Lily Pulitzer. Being married into the waspy society, I never understood...the they call it fashion?? from the beach clubs in Newport to the parties in Boston I was surrounded by yellow pink and green, regardless of age and size.....and have you ever attended a creative black tie affair???? ghastly.. crocs green and pink shorts with a tux top...where did that idea come from?

  8. I agree with Linda. I adore the prints...they really take me back to some very wonderful summers but I wouldn't be caught dead in it simply due to the blah-blah-blah.
    I do love her story about designing prints that would hide the juice stains. That's just plain smart.
    Now I'm going back to Gumps!
    I hope you have a really lovely, relaxing, NICE weekend. Sounds like you deserve it.
    xoxo Lisa

  9. the pink & green combo is certainly the color for preppy people! though i'm not personally a fan of Pullitzer's designs, they certainly are fun and eye-catching.
    xox alison

  10. Hi Renee!
    I think this line has evolved big time over he years and is now identifyine with a younger audience. I think it is cute when you see it all together......Maryanne

  11. I agree, the shorts are out the shoes in. I can't believe that
    Pulizer is still going strong.
    I loved the sun dresses she used to have. Pink and green.
    She had an awful Divorice, it was all over the papers. I am so glad the line is strong. Yeah! for women.

  12. Nope not a fan.. I could bear the sandals though!! Anything Tory Burch is always on my wish list!! :)

  13. It's so not the way I dress now...
    I'm a real dull color dresser these days...hear i am saying that while wearing my hot pink t- shirt...doesn't count it's our workshirts. haha
    As soon as I saw the wall I thought... but I REALLY like that!!! and was happy you agreed.
    All that stuff does grow on you...have you ever seen Sisboom..she's in Ct. shocking at first but then the shock wears off and I start to like it.
    ok sorry long comment!!!


  14. Funny.....I live under a rock, I never knew about the 'snootiness' of Lily! It doesn't appeal to me at all, I agree with you on the shorts....oh my, I can't imagine adorning my buttocks! I can see sheets for a college may just work with Garnet like them a lot!

  15. The shorts wouldn't work on my old bod, but the walls are wonderful!

  16. Hmmm what i do love is hte way the shop is decorated! xx

  17. Oh God, Lily.

    In between bursts of popularity i would pick it up in thrift shops and wear vintage dresses.

    Never now. But we do carry the line of "stuff" in the flower shop, and it sells??

    I don't do the buying, I just design the flowers. Though we do get requests for Lily colored arrangements! I love green flowers and if you throw in a few hot pink peonies and roses, it works.

    xo jane

  18. wow!!!
    i love these comments.

    i came home from a long successful day at work only to see that

    i was beginning to think i had the
    my last posts have pretty big DUDS.

    thank you so much.

    love you xxx (really)

  19. This is a fun little history on all things Lilly - thank you for sharing!

  20. Renee,
    You are great! No I don't wear Lily, but I did buy a dress for my daughter once. I think she was 7 and she looked darling.

    Shortly after, I saw an entire (rich) family while on vacation ALL dressed in coordinating aqua & red lobster themed outfits and I nearly fell out of my seat and said to my husband "promise me that whenever I ask you to do something you don't want to, you will remember this!!!"

    I knew Lily's seems it is all about who you know in the end...guess if I have to pick something, I'll take the matches!

  21. I so like the playful colors & patterns but it would never touch my body. I think it's unanimous, the walls of the store are clever. Fun to read Lily's bio, I faintly remembered but like my name, I had forgotten.
    Hoping the sale over the wkend went well? You asked about the crazy photos I posted, would you believe I found them through Urban Outfitters Blog which led me to their work on flickr. Your butt big..phooey! xx

  22. deb.............
    oh mu big butt-
    for sure!!



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