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Friday, August 20, 2010

The Old 'Switch A Rooney'

It is sometimes brought on by stress.
I am feeling overwhelmed 
with this 'August Sale' schedule.
My days off have changed 
and I don't know what day it is half of the time.
I am too sensitive of a creature 
for the old 'switch-a-rooney'
This is an upbeat song....
I am trying to perk myself up a bit.
Anyway, it seems that I am having a difficult time of it 
organizing my tasks at work,
at home, and anything else 
I need to get done.
Including my thoughts.
I decided to take a few days off from my blog
until my regular schedule kicks in again.
My brain isn't working anyway.....
I am not myself.
I have too much on my plate at the moment.

So, I have slapped some images together from
 the Hotel Vertigo in San Francisco. 
...wish I could get away for a week,
 or a year!!!

"Carved out of a 1920s hotel, this hotel underwent a cinematic makeover inspired by the Hitchcock classic. If the orange-and-white color scheme doesn’t make you dizzy, the spiraled mirrors and corkscrew staircase might. The 102 rooms are spacious, a loop of “Vertigo” (which was partly filmed here when it was the Empire) plays in the lobby and, during the check-in, you’ll receive a list of the best places in the city to “get vertigo,” including Twin Peaks and the top of Coit Tower.( New York Times)"

I will See you in a week or two. 

This will give me time 

to just comment on your blogs 

for a while.

xx's hugs

940 Sutter Street
San Francisco, CA 94109
Photos by Rien van Rijthoven

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  1. I really, truly hope you do not have vertigo...nasty! nasty! nasty! Take care see you when you are ready xx

  2. I have it and it is awful..when you get dizzy take a deep breath and exhale with pursed lips, It helps. Get rest,
    Your ticket is waiting

  3. Renee, I suffer with it too. Half a 25mg Phenergan tablet night and morning helps me. I always take the half at night; get the best sleep!! Non-addictive.

    Have a good rest! xa

  4. I hope you get some time to relax and catch-up. Work stress (or any kind of stress for that matter!) is no fun.

  5. Anonymous13:12

    deep breathe. take a walk in between tasks, at lunch. balance, grasshopper. you can do it.

    thank you for all the interesting posts. i read each and every one.

  6. Renee, take it easy girl, remember life is for living and enjoying. Although I know its hard (life) you must do your level best to try to enjoy it.

  7. take care of yourself are worth the wait

  8. J'adore orange!!!! LOVE that photo with the dog!!!

  9. The orange and white combo always make me feel cheerful... thanks for the lovely images.

  10. thanks everyone....
    i think i am suffering from


  11. Fun and stylish post - and that swinging song! Have a good break and keep listening to theraputic music.

  12. Take it easy Renee....xv

  13. Rest up, my friend. We'll all still be here when you get back. Love Vertigo. Love the hotel. xx

  14. Very good post, really enjoyed it.
    Keep it up!

    Oh, here's my website:

  15. Dear Renee, i know the feeling...completely overwhelmed, pulled in a 100 directions, screamed at by clients, abused by vendors....sit tight for 60 seconds, breath, close your eyes, you are the most important person and don't let anyone get in the way of your sanity...this is our only shot at life, we better enjoy it. years sounds just great. Would'it be wonderful to pull a Diane Lane in Under the Tuscan Sun.......just for one year please...

  16. oh francine,
    don't i wish?
    don't most of us wish we could check out for a year.

    xx thanks for all the great advice and kind words.


  17. Look after yourself, hope your weekend is going perfectly well and you are relaxed xx

  18. Hi darling, I've just returned from a little holiday. It has made ALL the difference in my attitude which is quite upbeat now. In spite of the fact that once again my DIL has acted like a complete
    b-----. Sending love...

  19. Love the Vertigo Hotel's design & great history. Hate the thought of vertigo but not the movie, loved it. Stress is bad; feeling the same way. Went in for a stress test because of chest pain only to find out it's what else, stress! Is it a certain age thing..feel too very disorganized, days never long enough, can't work fast enough. Just want to step off the gerbil wheel. When you figure out how (India?) fill this old gal in would you? *kisses*



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