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Friday, July 2, 2010

Would You Follow Me?

Have you ever wanted to just feel 
like you did when you were a kid?
I did
and still do.

I remember many years ago, I made some major life changes-
in my own behaviors.......
and this was to improve the quality of my life.
For the way I perceived things going on around me.

What I wanted to get out of all this hard work was 
to be able to laugh like I did in the 3rd grade with my friends.
Do you remember that?
Just giggling, until your sides hurt.
I want that....I love to laugh and laugh hard.

I could fall for an ugly man if he were really funny.
I know it's true....because I have.

Well maybe what I need now is a secret club house.
And this would work just fine for me and my friends.

Could we bloggie pals have fun tea parties here??
Do you think we would laugh until our sides hurt????
.......this is me heading to the tiny clubhouse.....

Would you follow me there?

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  1. Are you kidding? I'm waiting on you there now! The giggles have already started!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I built a garden & conservatory for the Penny McHenry Hydrangea Festival recently.

    It pulled the trigger. Will be building a conservatory in my own garden this fall.

    Pair of chairs, daybed, chest, lamps, chandelier, antique sink, girlfriends, laughter.

    The excitement leading up to construction is palpable.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  3. Renee I have been there for three days already...what is keeping you? The champagne is on ice and the macarons (in all flavours) are on pretty rose plates. Hurry up my girl!!!

  4. Worth more than money, and all it's perks is laughing so hard your sides hurt. To connect with someone that you feel 100% who you are and you can relax and have fun.'s been forever if not a decade of not having that. When you included the photo of the girl in the woods, it jump-started feelings of being that age & running in the woods; discovering and the thrill of it all. Man, I wish I could be that age again & I would have you by my side laughing & running all the way.

    xoxo deb

  5. Yes, and I'm suring hanging out in that little house would be a blast. The first image is stunning.

  6. OK, so it's me you, Deb & anyone else who needs to really "live" life. Of course, you made this story beautiful, Renee. You & Deb can create magic out of nothing at all. xx's

  7. Hell yeah! But let's keep her husband away, he kind of freaked me out :)

  8. I saw this in the Times and fell in love with the little cottage. She has quite the back story, no? I would love to have tea and chat with you and other lovely bloggers in that space. How fun would that be?!

  9. Oh yes I will.
    Just invite me.

  10. oh............
    i am soooo glad you guys are folowing me into the wood!!!

    ...and all the right girls are coming.
    what could be better?

    we will laugh till we burst!!


  11. I would follow you right in there in a second!!! Yes, and lots, and lots of giggling while we dipped our toes in the creek!

  12. That super sweet abode already makes me laugh! I'd be there!!

    Happy 4th!

  13. Anonymous23:31

    i woudl. I bring snacks, incense, a story to read aloud and and an art project to share.

  14. On my way for a good belly laugh with you Renee!!
    Ness xx

  15. you have to ask? in a heartbeat! and..........i know with you it would be gut wrenching laughter, the best kind

  16. Renee,
    I definitely would follow you there to that gorgeous clubhouse! I also have a lot of memories about my childhood and we had a culbhouse with some friends!
    And we laughed and laughed! Oh Yes imagine to be there with some blogger friends!!!
    What a wonderful clubhouse you posted here Renee!!

  17. OF COURSE!! ;) I don't have fond childhood memories, this would be great to relive and create some! ;)



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