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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Another Lovely Sunday

Things are getting crazy where I work.....
there are definitely less customers to sell to.
And it is summer.
Summer in Florida is generally not such a great time for business down here.

*Another Lovely Sunday

It is hard to imagine that while some families went to church or made family brunch for their loved ones today...
others were sharpening their fangs.

Let me share a bit of today with you.
I work with some real old time salesmen.
Some are not so old....
just fat and loud, and PUSHY.
Some just plain old certifiable.
And let's not leave out the woman.
There are some treacherous woman.
I am not kidding.
I just try and dodge the bullets.
And I made it another day.
I can't leave out the super creepy LIARS that will tell a customer anything to make a sale.
It Is Just GROSS!!!
What am I doing here anyway???
oh...I forgot we were in a depression.
Now, I say there is no reason to go nuts over a sale.
Really....but they do.
And today we had some ugly floor fights...
Honest to G-d, it is no wonder my neck and right shoulder are killing me.
I am grateful for my job, but will I ever adjust to this working environment?

Did you have a fun day today?
I hope so. xxx
.....mine was post worthy right? 
I just have to laugh, I just have to laugh, I just have to laugh, I just have to laugh.........

this is not what i am really meant to be doing...
or maybe it's just where I am supposed to be for today.

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  1. it must be terribly hard for you to work there! have you considered moving out of the area? just a thought. take care.

  2. I'm with that your daughter has graduated maybe it IS time for you to relocate! You can always come to HOT=lanta! I am SO sorry you have to deal with all of that crap. You always take the high road and I'm proud of you.

    blessings, love and hugs friend.

  3. Hahaha...that really did make me smile love the images...humour is the best medicine! Waiting for news of India....

  4. AWWW what a crappy way to spend your day!!! Wish me luck! I start back into the work force tomorrow after 11 years home with the kids!!! Hopefully I don't encounter any one who resembles the ones you have to work with :(

  5. HEEHEEEHEEE. That was quite funny and a healthy take on your reality of the moment.
    So, do tell - what do you prefer: work today or having the m-i-l call you 'I'm hungry''who are you?', and all that jazz. From one funny arm to another, right?
    Exhausting. Its just for the moment, I promise.

  6. This is not forever. We can do anything for one day but still...

    Don't make me come down there or if I have to kick some butt I hope it's when it's cold up here.
    Seriously, please take care. how much shit can one woman take?

    xoxo Jane

  7. MOVE NOW... what about india??????????? this made me laugh... but i am not laughing that you are in this terrible situation... xoxo

  8. it is FUNNY!!!
    i swear.

    it's like working at a carnival.
    just think of the type of people who work at carnivals......SCARY eh???

    -my coworkers are a small step above.

    they have cleaner finger nails and a few more teeth.

    hahahah xxx

  9. I am still laughing. That is a super funny post. Thank God you have a little humor left. This
    may atke a turn and things may get better. I was in design and sales, but it was flowers and not cut throat. Retail is the worst job on the planet. I want to give advice, but you have to make the decision.
    Hang in there..

  10. How can you survive there? Great sense of humor and strong personality must help.

  11. Sweet it is obviously time to emigrate to Australia we don't have people like that here.....well not many.....well I suppose I am telling a small white lie!!! Hav a better week and know that we are all thinking of you xx J.

  12. Hi Renee!
    I can relate, I spent a few years in an environment like that. Nice you have the sense of humor to get through. Whatever happened to the India thing???? Oh,and RETAIL is not the worst job on the planet. Any job where you are miserable is.
    Hang in there......Maryanne xo

  13. Maryanne

    you are the best....and so right xxx

  14. Your sales style will win out Renee - clients will drop those pushy types in an instant when they realize they can receive honest, polite & non-pushy attention from you. Very soon your 'colleagues' will be coming to you asking for lessons in 'How To Sell Ethically & Still Make A Million.
    Millie ^_^



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