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Sunday, July 18, 2010

A ' Virtual' Shopping Spree.....Come With Me

I was in a real funk after work yesterday.
 I was tired and blue and I needed a distraction like shopping.....
ahhhhh ...the bliss that shopping can bring....
So... let's go.

I decided to go to Horchow to see what was new.
I haven't been there in ages.
I found a few things that I absolutely LOVE..

This is one of them.
Horchow is now serving up 'antiques' of a sort.
This chest knocked me out.
The grey and gold finish is a stunner!

Here is a close up. Great right?

And then I saw this sofa and thought....cuddly, cozy, and stylish
I have always loved this table. It is 28 x 50, which is a hard to find size.
And it is inexpensive too.

I thought these where divine. The whole set is under $300.
The tallest is 24".

These tables are 24 high and 24 wide.
They are lacquered with nail heads.
I think they are sharp.

How about this collection of mirrors?

I decided to pop a few of the light fixtures
 that I would buy and use.

Talk about Faux Bois......
this is a nice example made into a lamp.

I thought this was wild.
How about you????

This is like a gold washed mercury glass.
I think it is beautiful.

The lotus lamp.
I like this one too.

Close up of the Lotus Lamp.

This one is sharp.
I love the base.

I went flea-shopping with Claudia Strasser from The Paris Apartment 
and she was looking for mirrors like this one.
"Here ya' go Claudia."

And finally I saw this patio set and was drawn to it.
I can just see it with kids sitting on the stump seats  in wet suits
eating hamburgers right off the grill.

Whew.....I feel better!!
My blues are gone.
Nothing like a dose of 'Virtual Shopping' 
to cure what's wrong with me.

What does a dose of virtual shopping do for you?

Go To Horchow - and snoop around

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  1. Ah, seriously, Renee!! You can't take me shopping now, I'm banned from shopping until after the wedding!!

    I seriously need that Kang cabinet and the Lotus lamp... Soo nice!!


  2. Your killing me here. Can't shop, even virtual, I get the wants & needy's! I'll take one postage sofa, a zodiac lamp and those convex mirrors for starters. The faux bois patio set is a killer. Would of been perfect here by the pool. Could withstand the muggy climate & sun beautifully I think. Maybe I need some virtual shopping, no one will see me right? Wishing, hoping, you will have a good Sunday sister Renee. Love you x

  3. dagney and dumbwit

    and i am not banned?????
    i am so banned from shopping it is sad,
    really sad.

    but at least i do get to shop with other peoples money.

    my favorite thing in life!!!

    .....well, almost.


  4. the gold mercury lamp is the bomb as well as the chest. Thanks girl. Enjoy your Sunday off. :)

  5. I am always love lamps with black shades, they always set quite a mood.

  6. Anonymous15:05

    love the renee black studded side table. love the hanging zodiac pendant. good stuff. i shall peruse their web site more often. the mirrors are cool, heck it's all nice.

  7. Anonymous15:05

    love the renee black studded side table. love the hanging zodiac pendant. good stuff. i shall peruse their web site more often. the mirrors are cool, heck it's all nice.

  8. That did cheer me up. Loved the graphics on the sofa and the all white candlesticks and of course being a nature girl the stump seats. Hey I have those right outside! but mine have ants living in them:)) haha

  9. I have a shop. Sometimes I don't want to shop. But this virtual shopping might be just the ticket! I like the things you picked.... But if I am going to virtually shop, then hire me a limo, drive me to Bergdorfs. Or fly me to Paris to. Rue France Bourgeois and take me to Nina Jacobs , Gerard Darel and Anne Fontaine....I think I like this virtual shopping thing! Thanks for the idea Renee! Maryanne xo

  10. Sometimes it's almost as much fun to "window shop" as it is to actually buy. Thanks for your sweet comment, Renee. You're the best! xo

  11. well that was fun and a great diversion.

    owning a shop i too rarely get out so that was fun. but i know a secret.......who manufacturers the lighting. so just in case you don't and want something....get in touch

  12. Renee....FIRST, call me when you are blue, I'll cheer you up! SECOND, I take little virtual trips to Horchow often. Love their 'stuff' and can always find some goodies I would like! Come see me!
    love and big hugggggs!

  13. Dear Renee,
    Well, I would go virtual shopping with you any day of the week if these are the things that we are going to see. I adore the grey and gold chest, love the sofa and the candlesticks are wonderful.
    So sorry that I've been AWOL..... have been with my sister whilst our husbands went to Le Mans.
    I'm trying to get back on track with my commenting but failing miserably !! XXXX

  14. hey guys....
    i plan on taking a 'VIRTUAL' shopping trip again soon.
    so...stay posted.

    come...we will have a blast.


  15. Renee,

    Well of course it was a great treat that's why it's called "retail therapy." You have the most perfect designer taste for great pieces. Thanks for inviting us to join you.

    Your heart is huge...Enjoy these blog moments with virtual friends.

    Thanks for the email

     Bette

  16. Hi Renee
    Well i just unpacked two boxes of candlesticks.. me thinks I have enough,. although loving these. and the sofa!! and the beautiful grey/gold chest.. just gorgeous!!

    Hope you are well.. my internet connection in new place sucks!! hopefully get it sorted soon.... glad you cheered up with a bit of virtual shopping!!!! hopefully i'll be back again soon... internet gods permitting!! xxx Julie



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