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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Changing Your Name

WHEN Mitchell Gold, now 59, arrived in Manhattan in 1974, he “was young, fresh out of college and closeted,” he recalled. He took a job selling pillows at Bloomingdale’s, and remembered going out with women and usually finding that “the waiter was more interesting, or her brother.”

“The world could be ending, and you wouldn’t know it with Mitchell,” Mr. Scofield said. “He’s always so calm. You want a partner like that, someone who makes you feel everything is going to be all right.” (why can't I find a boss like that????)

On June 19, they were married at the Des Moines Art Center in a wedding that was in some ways a celebration of Iowa, one of five states that permit same-sex marriages. As 92 guests, including Mr. Williams, watched, the couple said their vows before Judge Robert B. Hanson of Iowa’s Fifth Judicial District, whose 2007 ruling helped open the door to same-sex marriages in that state.

I say what took them so long?

From now on, they will be known as Mr. Gold and Mr. Gold, or the Golds.

“I’m changing my name,” Mr. Scofield said. “My grandfather’s name was Goldberg. It’s almost like going back to my roots, in a way. I think it’s very interesting that women are becoming more liberated and keeping their names, whereas gay men are becoming more traditional and changing their names.”

Have you kept your maiden name?
I have kept mine. 
And thank G-d I did.

Professionally speaking....
it is a real benefit if you have been married several times.

Have a lovely 4th.......I will be working. XXXX's

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  1. Hi Renee!
    I hope you are busy and the day goes fast......I love M&B and their furniture too!!!!!!!!Nice Post!Maryanne xo

  2. Anonymous13:59

    Currently Ms. Smart and I intend to keep this name unless of course i meet Mr. Brilliant. :)

  3. You have to work!?! That is a bummer!! I changed my name but mostly because my father is an A** and so I was happy to be known by something else ;) HA! Just saw Ms. Smart's comment. Very clever ;)

  4. Yes Darling Daughter,
    I kept my maiden Irish name.
    I love my name, and Ireland too.
    Big hug...
    Mamma xxxx

  5. Renee,

    If you have a strong sense of self you'll follow your gut and alway be your best self. My four sisters and I have hyphenated our maiden name and my niece was given our maiden name as her middle name.

    We all are empowered with feelings about names. I love this topic.

    Enjoy the weekend and do celebrate !


  6. I have kept my name. When I was younger I just always assumed I would take my husband's name but when it came down to it I just...wasn't interested, I guess.

    I use his name socially and it doesn't offend me in the slightest if someone refers to me as Mrs. His Name, but legally and professionally I've kept my maiden name.

  7. Yep, I kept my maiden name..., never even crossed my mind to change it!

  8. maiden was so crazy long and hard to pronouce! I traded it in for something albeit only slighty easier!!!

  9. I kept mine because it would have confused my poor clients too much. As Interventional Cardiologists they are very good at what they do, but trying to get their heads around this little change would have totally spun them out poor darlings!! A lifetime of happiness to Mr. & Mr. Gold.
    Millie ^_^

  10. Being an only child, i actually kept my maiden name Boyer and mysons'a name are Gardner-BOYER, but eventually it became your name gardner or Boyer, I was always asked and Boyer kept on being dropped. Connecticut adopted same sex marriage and last year year I hosted the marriage of my head designer and his partner.It was a beautiful ceremony on a snowy evening.



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