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Monday, June 28, 2010

Limed Oak - Not Pickled

I love limed oak.
 The molding and most woodworking in this room is limed oak.
 This finish is coming back in a BIG WAY.
All the major furniture manufacturers have versions of this finish.
Look for them they are there.
And will be coming on strong.
Now that the retail market is completely saturated 
with DARK finishes .....
just you wait, 
this will start popping up in retail showrooms.
People in Florida are begging for light furniture and I like limed wood.
Oak turns 'taupe-ish.'
Hopefully someday I will have 
a limed oak floor like image #1.


Liming Wood
A few hundred years ago wood was treated with a caustic lime mixture to protect it from the attacks of insects and worms. Later on the the effect of the lime residue on the wood grain became fashionable so eventually it was used for solely decorative reasons.

If you have someone do this for you in your home
be careful that it doesn't turn out with a slightly pink tinge.
Just make sure that you mention it to your finisher.
It has turned out pinkie in the very room that I have featured in this post.
*The finish I have used (when liming wood) for woodwork
and built-ins is the color in the picture #2.
Below I have a few sites to explore if you wish to try it on your own.

What do you think about LIMED WOOD?

*and how about the alabaster light fixture????

Want to try it ? click here or here

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  1. I love the soft, patina-ishness. Our hardwood floors in the sitting room off the kitchen need to be refinished. I think I'm gonna go with this!

  2. Renee, I have been a fan of limed oak nearly all my life and have 3 limed oak tables. I don't mind the pinkish look but ours are in fact neutral to grey. I would love to lime our floors but there is just so much to do that I am frightened to start. We really, really need a smaller house now the kids have left home!!!!!!!

  3. I am very keen on limed wood for floors. Light coloured floors are my preferred choice in what ever texture, although I did do the hallways here in black granite tiles, and they are spectacular. Wooden floors here are a bit of a problem because of termites, and I think they'd adapt to the "liming"!

  4. If I'm not mistaken, the type of oak will have an affect on the final results... red oak, obviously, is going to have the red undertones, while white oak is going to be more neutral... most of the oak that you see in European interiors is with a white oak... ~Terri

  5. Love limed oak and paired with that alabaster light fixture---well, just about heaven! I too think people are tiring of all the dark finishes and moving toward the light. You called it here first!

    xx Katie

  6. angie
    when i did this post i was thinking of you
    and all your treasures!!

  7. These floors are so perfect for many styles and I really like them...but the globe alabaster fixture are what (my) dreams are made of!!!

    I have a picture of oa similar one and I always say "one day...."

  8. I don't like 'pickles' anyway...limes are mo bettah!

  9. they are so warm and suits any interior.

  10. Anonymous23:15

    I never really knew the term but have to say I love the look! I always learn so much from you! Miss you, girl!

  11. Hi Renee
    Love that 1st image.. a charming room and lovely balance of colour..

    You know I have always been a dark wood floor person.. but lately cannot decide between dark or white.. actually seeing I don't own a home it doesn't matter.. hahaha... but I do love these finishes you have shown...

    Thanks for popping over and lovely comments.. You are too sweet.!!! Are you getting ready for your 4th celebrations?? xxx Julie

  12. You know I like it too.

  13. I love it, Renee! I learned a lot via your post. Have a wonderful 4th, Beautiful! xx

  14. L O V E L I M E.... he he... i have a few pieces at home and in the store... i want to do my floors so badly... but the mess.... oh goodness i cannot imagine.. i would have to move out...

    happy 4th dear friend... xoxoxoxo
    are you leaving for india????

  15. Limed wood is like a breathe of fresh hair from the mountains of dark wood. Don't get me wrong, I love dark but I'm liking the change and the look of something with charm. Looks like it has a history, like me! Old..but fashionable..ha. In hot climates I can see that this would be so well received. Renee hope your having a good day off (?) any plans for the 4th my friend?

    xx luvs

  16. MOTH totally loves this look & wants to do our Sitting Room floorboards. However, I'm not totally convinced, as oak they ain't, & Limed Pine doesn't have the same ring about it!
    Millie ^_^



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