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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Something Fabulous on Captiva Island

on the west coast of Florida.
Let's hope 'the spill' doesn't destroy this tiny island forever.
*Vintage Salviati pendants suspend from above, while reverse-painted glass forms the back splash.
I fell in love with the colors.....
and I have a real thing for reverse painted back splashes!!
*reverse painted glass

But this is really to die for!!

*Furniture by Oscar de la Renta for Century 
The owners of the home have their breakfast out here.

What do you think of this place? 

Do you like the colors?

my head cold has progressed to a sore throat that is killing me.
and the coughing is no fun either!!!

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  1. Love the colors and the kitchen!! What a fun place on Captiva Island! Feel better!

  2. I love the bright contrast color - perfect for the setting - such a beautiful place!

  3. Anonymous23:14

    feel better kiddo

  4. Love the place & love the colours.
    Fun and elegant.
    Thanks Renee

  5. Great colour combination Renee. I saw the most stunning chandelier in a museum in Quebec over the weekend. The artist had collected old glass bottles in all the colour featured here and placed fishing wire on each and then strung them together into a massive collection, like one bit tear drop, beautifully arranged.
    You can just imagine what it looked like when lit up...reminded me of all these photos...

    Jeanne :)

  6. a refocused life

    it is true...
    captiva is all blue and green.


  7. jeanne

    did you take a picture?
    i would love to see it.


  8. OK,'ve outdone yourself on this post. I love this house, especially the kitchen, and probably know exactly where it is. I spent a week on Captiva couple of years ago. Those hanging fixtures in the kitchen rock big time, don't they? Are they hideously expensive? Feel better so we can talk. xx's

  9. Divine outdoor space! And the color combination in the living room is quite stunning, including the flower prints on the wall that add stronger hues.

    All the best!

  10. DYNAMITE!! That is so very different, so island feeling, pure tropics..Feel better Darling. Sending a big hug. Take care of yourself, Drink tea..Honey, lemons..
    Mamma xxxxx

  11. What gorgeous colors...! ~Terri

  12. Something tells me its Summer in the Excited States of America! Don't worry though about us freezing our fingers off in icy cold Australia! That turquoise is deeeevine.
    Millie ^_^

  13. a bit too much color for me but that island is soooo charming... and i pray everyone there is ok... this news is so sad... and the comment from BP idiot makes me sick.

    hope you are well sweetie..xoxo

  14. I can see why people near water would like these colors. I would never pick these combos in a million years (except for when I decorated my dorm room with them in fall of 1969, the year being an anomaly for a generation or two or three!

  15. Love it dear Renee....hope you feel better soon....I've been riding my A__ off with all these 6 horses! Fun but I need a vacation soon! Weather is grand here right now so taking full advantage! Blessings to you!

  16. I hope the oil doesn't destroy the island either...I was just telling my husband I wanted to go here...based on an article in Coastal Living...and now this!!!

    Feel better soon. I have a headcold and can't sleep...

  17. Acanthus and Acorn
    you have got to get there.
    it is an amazing place.

    watch that head cold....!!!!
    that is how mine started and then it was swollen glands and bronchitis.

    it has been a long road getting well.

  18. Love the colors of the fabric. Custom upholstery made by JMupholstery inc.

    Call us for your proyects

  19. I love these color schemes.



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