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Saturday, June 5, 2010

I need to snap out of it.

And spend some time right here.
This is a home featured in Florida Design Magazine.

This home is located on Coral Gables, right on Biscayne Bay.

Florida design is often done with a tropical flair, and then out of left field.....

you will find a space in the home that feels very northern.
It might include wood paneling and heavy fabrics.
I guess we all need a dark cozy room

Here is the cozy space.


But this is where I would love to be.
My head is really 'blah' 
and I am feeling empty with nothing very interesting to say.
You may just get pictures for a while until I can find my way back.
I have recovering from swollen glands and bronchitis.
It has knocked me out.

.  XXs
*INTERIOR DESIGN Vincenzo Avanzato with Marie Siari, Avanzato Design Associates, Inc., Miami, FL
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  1. You knock me out! In a good way!I hope you get some great antibiotics and feel better...Snap out of it when you are good and ready...xo Maryanne

  2. we all feel that way one time or another, i hope you can get yourself out of this funk soon. Remember my friend, this is your life and you don't get a second chance, so feel your funk and then get on with your life. It seems as so many people care about you. take care

  3. Oh Renee,
    I'm so sorry that you have been poorly. It can make you feel a little 'down'. Try and put your feet up and have some 'me' time. Easy for me to say and alittle harder for you to do, I guess. Try to be positive, Renee....I'm sure that you will be feeling better soon.
    Fab house, even the boring bit !!!! XXXX

  4. OMG, they do have some fabulous art don't they? And Miami across the water. I think this house was either his or hers before marriage because it sure has an old vibe & a totally different "look" to the office area. FEEL BETTER! I'll come over and take us both to lunch w/very dry martini's.

  5. Feel better soon Renee. I would love to join you in this haven, the art, that ceiling, wow. A place to rejuvenate.

    Art by Karena

  6. Oh Renee
    Sorry to hear you feel unwell.. I know I've been struggling with ill health all year and find it hard to find words to post... pictures do just fine!!

    What a crazy painted ceiling.. not sure I would live with it.. but interesting to visit.. especially with those views.. Hope you feel better soon.... xxx Julie

  7. Get better soon and those pics will do just fine for now....xv

  8. Get well soon :)

  9. Hope you are feeling better soon xx

  10. Nice place to spend some time! Look after yourself xo J

  11. fabulous!!! Love this place

  12. pictures will do. take care of you.

    ugghhh....that sounds trite and "rhymey"
    but....i'll leave it, does sum it up.

    hugs to you renee

  13. Oh right there with ya girl!!

    Love the reflection shot in the gilt mirror reflecting the more modern art!


  14. This Renae to the rescue! I'm on my way (virtually) with my fave bottle of champagne and we are going ot kick up our heels!

  15. Well Hell....that ain't a half bad swollen gland post...if I do say so myself!!

    Feel better, girl!

  16. I hope that you feel much better, soon, Renee! xo

  17. Poor thing!! Hope you bounce back quickly!! When you feel better I'll meet you on that patio for a drink!!! ;)

  18. snap out to seattle!
    many hugs coming your way... xxxx

  19. Beautiful Snaps, really very nice work done.

    Interior Designers Chicago

  20. I would live in the outdoor space too!!!

    Wish you well..., am somewhat down as well with something I'm not sure what it is.

  21. Feel better Mamma.XXXXX



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