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Friday, January 9, 2009

Tom Boy Houses

When I was a little girl, I was a Tom Boy. And it would have been my dream to live in a tree house. I was always climbing trees and beating up the mean boys that would pick on other kids.
It seems that this ( the tree houses , not my beating up boys ) is a trend , and happening everywhere but here in the U.S.

This one is very sharp. The sun filters in through the outer walls , yet it gives privacy at the same time. 
I was with Claudia from The Paris Apartment yesterday, and I was telling her how I love when big tree branches are in the view of my windows. Whether they are covered with green leaves , red , yellow, and orange leaves, snow, or nothing , or maybe the little sprouts in the spring. I love it . My apartment on East 58th Street in Manhattan was on the courtyard side of the building. I always had my tree and it changed all year.
GEEEEEZZZZ I miss NY, and my apartment there.
This Tree House is too weird for my taste , but in the article it said that the room was tall, and the entire ceiling was glass. It feels as though there is nothing between you and the forest, and that is pretty cool. Actually, this house is my kind of camping. No to bugs, and yes to outlets !!
We have to have our blow dryers , right ? And my lighted magnifying mirror, and .....

Now the one below, supposedly can be moved anywhere. It is designed to used as a guest room  (or a weekend getaway, I guess ).
A place for 'ANONYMOUS ' to live.
... and all the little bloggers are on the ground with wire cutters.

This shot is not very clear. So I don't really know If I like it, but the idea of hanging over a stream under a willow tree is awesome. 
I have another post on Tree Houses on my sidebar in my Adventures in Design.
The last entry in July 2008.
Forgive me, I would cut and past it, but I do not know how to work this apple laptop that I am on.

go here for more :

( enlarge any picture for more info and a closer look )

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  1. I love the third one and the last one! Those are GREAT!

  2. WHat a fantastical post! I love the idea of living in a forest high above in the trees (except for the bugs)! How fun. I am so glad you left a commetn because it led me here to your great blog! I can't wait to steal away some time to sit and read through it!
    Thank you so much!

  3. paris atelier,

    i am so happy you came by. heather from habitually chic brought to my attention that my link at the bottom of my comment profile did not work...DUH !!!

    i have quite a bit on paris posts myself. i have spent some time working there, but you my dear, have really done a magnificent job on your paris posts.

    big hug to you & come back soon.

  4. What great fun these are!!! I did a post called Playing in Tents. It included tented rooms. You have compiled such wonderful collection of images. I will definitely be back!

  5. gina@willow decor

    i am so very glad you came by.

    i do have some funny post in my
    ' adventures in design'.

    hugs & thank you

  6. Anonymous13:48

    I was just reading a book the other day about some of these tree houses. I love them so much, they would be a great place to sit and dream.

  7. C-

    i know, i wish i had one.

    what an ingenious place to escape to ....even if for just 20 minutes.

    it would be the best 20 minutes of the day !



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