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Saturday, January 10, 2009

OK, No Kidding, This Is Where I Want To Live And Work

"When Healdsburg interior designer Myra Hoefer met San Francisco landscape architect Todd Cole a tears ago, she didn't know they would one day engage in a friendly scuffle over designing his weekend home in Cloverdale. But when he hired her for the job, she could see it wouldn't be easy. "  
( Can you relate ? LOL)
This is so what I love. This entrance had me at "hello".
I always like things that have multiple functions. This was a warehouse originally. 
The owner restored the original sign as I would have.
My favorite piece of  jewelry is a watch. It does two things, it is beautiful and tells me what time it is. This house is similar, it was a warehouse, and now it is a home.   
That is very interesting and appealing to me.                      
I like to use mechanical antiques for home accessories because they can do something ( if they are in really good shape ), they can be fascinating to your guests. These are treasured 'ice breakers' ( for me , because I often feel weird around new people outside of the work environment ) for the awkward moments. You or your guest can always segway over to the interesting piece and say; "tell me about this " or "let me tell you about this", but almost certainly, your guest will ( especially if it's me ).

I think that I want to recreate this concept for myself somewhere, somehow. 
I do not care for most of the upholstered pieces, and some of the case goods,                                  but "man o man"  I do love this place.
I have done gorgeous polished and stained concrete floors for clients that looked almost identical to these ( mine were a tad lighter , but in the same earth tones ).

Do you see the drafting table in the back - left side of the room ???? I have a drafting table in my living room because it is the brightest , and most airy room in the house with a view of my garden/courtyard.
OK with this ????  It looks just like a bedroom made for me, there is even a place right next to the bed for my riding boots !!
Now this is just 'alright' for an entrance, but it is a warehouse , right ?

This is the very CHIC couple that live in the house on weekends.
She is wearing my signature look, a big white shirt-with the collar up , and with her fabulous thick horn rimmed glasses close at hand.
You can tell that he is cool ( and happy ) too.

I wonder what kind of watches they wear ?

I am so sorry, you will have to google ' France in Cloverdale' to read more .
It is on google and it is in the San Francisco Chronicle.
(I still am working on a 'mac' and it is not friendly with my blog)

( enlarge any picture for more info and a closer look )

Renee Finberg 'TELLS ALL' in her blog of her Adventures in Design


  1. Anonymous17:42

    Myra is amazing and the pictures you posted are ones I hadn't seen. That bedroom is soooo you! I've met her both in Paris and in Healdsburg and must say she is a legend, creative and gracious. And she rents out her 2 gorgeous apartments in Paris!

  2. Claudia @ P.A.

    no way !
    maybe we can stay in one of her apts while we are in paris !!!!

    i bet the are sharp.
    i am telling you , i love this place, i have been dreaming of a place just like it.


  3. Can I move in too?
    What a gorgeous home. That wood ceiling and those beams! You had me at the first image.


  4. These wonderful rooms remind me of Diane Keaton.

  5. This is a fabulous place Renee and I can certainly see why You would love it.....very chic! I hope your dreams come true....someday!!

    BTW....what kind of watch do YOU wear?? Just curious!

  6. Hello Renee!
    Okay, I want in on this Paris trip! :) What a lovely post and an incredible home. Those lucky ducks only stay there on the weekends!?! I don't know if you could get me to leave. Another great post!

  7. I'm moving in too!!! haha!! and that's MY signature look!!!!

    her apartments in Paris are so fine. I'll have to find the link to the company where she actually decorated several of those to let. I'm totally blanking on the name, it's my age, of course.

  8. Now why can't we just move that place to coastal Maine? I would gladly while away the whole winter~sitting fireside with lots of good books...

  9. debra,

    where in maine are you ??
    i was thinking the same exact thing.
    i don't know if i put it in this post or not, but this house is on 8 acres.
    i could build a 4 stall barn, and i could have coffee with my horse.
    i couldn't email you directly because this mac i am on , will not let me.


  10. joni@Cote de Texas

    i am not surprised we have the same 'signature look.'

    are you ?

    xx and a big hug

  11. I came over from Mrs. Blandings blog. What a wonderful blog you have too! I have bookmarked you to come back and look around. It's beautiful...

  12. The house is great. And so is the mac, eventually. It's a big transition, but I love it now. I cursed it daily - and it felt my hatred - for six months. Now I wouldn't go back.

  13. I love that row of (i think) french doors at the back of the living room. Those open spaces are just magnificent!
    I love that you want to guess what type of watch they would wear -i do the same thing! LOL
    PS - i'm not sure why your blog is STILL not updating on my blogroll, ugh -never heard back from google!

  14. I like! Beautiful and also in my dreams. Love the entrance.


  15. Anonymous17:53

    Oh wow! I highly suggest anyone and everyone go to Cloverdale/Healdsburg. This jurisdiction is just GORGEOUS!

    Your blog is absolutely beautiful!!!

  16. Anonymous00:22

    I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  17. Amazing!! I remember swooning over that courtyard. xx Ali



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