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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Room For Hershey

I used to fantasize about bringing my horse home with me .
I even sleep with a stuffed horse that is the same color and has similar
markings to my horse, Georgian Gentleman. For those of you who ride and show,
his barn name was Hershey.
We have had some horrible hurricanes in Florida. The last big one that hit where I live was named Wilma. It is so scary for you and your horse. When ‘ Andrew ‘ hit in the 80’s, they found horses impaled , and stuck up in the trees.

Anyway, I was going to have him transported to my town home , I was going to sneak him under the cover of darkness, and into my house through the back sliders. Hershey would be carefully lead into my living room where the ceiling is 22 feet high, so there is no problem there, and the room is wider and longer than his stall.
I was already resigned to the fact that all the living room carpet would have to be replaced, maybe everything, but who cared. I was okay with that.
But other than that , I knew if he got freaked out or scared, he couldn't’t really hurt himself in the room. And after all, I could talk him down from almost anything.
He could do the same for me.

( me getting my HERSHEY KISSES )

My boy was the only person I could bare to be around for about 1 year solid. I was in a deep depression brought on by some unusual circumstances.
Hershey changed during this period as well. He was a bit wild when I first got him, and sometimes I wondered if he really were gelded. LOL
But right when I needed him to be understanding, gentle, and loving he was. He knew.
It was such a dramatic and sudden change, that it could be nothing else.
When people ( and a few judges ) who would see us ride, they would say;
“I can’t see where your horse starts and you begin”, “You two seem to be riding as one. “

Seriously, the most painful life experience to date, has been the day I gave him up. That was just 18 months or so ago. It was a result of this horrible economy. I can not even look at a horse now without missing him horrible.
He was a great show-man. He had little girl groupies, who would come running when they saw me or my daughter approaching the ring. They would be screaming and yelling his name;
Is That Hershey ? “ and “ Is That The Georgian Gentleman ?”

( enlarge any picture for more info and a closer look )
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  1. These are wonderful photos. I'm so sorry you're not his owner anymore but it seems that you will always be each others.

  2. God, this makes me so sad. I think about my daughter's horse living at my sister in laws for free. so sad for you. this kills me.

  3. Notting,

    Thank you , i sure hope we will.

    i hope to someday own a property that i live on , and i can retire him as well.
    then he can finally live with me.

    i miss my morning coffee with him,
    and feeding him grapes one at a time.
    it was so funny to watch his lips wrap around one little grape between my 2 fingers.



  4. Texas,

    where is a sister in law when i need one !!! ???????


  5. GREAT photo! GORGEOUS!!!

  6. I love you and Hershey together!
    If I had room, I'd have the both of you retire with me!
    xo xo

  7. V@Visual Vamp

    we are on our way


  8. Renee~ You pull at my heart strings. I cannot imagine how difficult this must be for you. You have all of these special memories to keep you close- and I'm sure Hershey is missing you too.

  9. You are so beautiful and Hershey must miss you terribly. Great photos thanks for sharing.

  10. Renee,
    My heart broke for you reading this. I grew up riding my own horse and competing, and too spoiled and dumb to know what I had. I bet you'll get your hands on him one day again.



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