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Thursday, January 1, 2009

'Cappy's' For Lunch And 'Starbird' For Shopping In Camden

Downtown Camden on a cold and rainy day and  I don't mind.  I would enjoy Camden no matter what the weather.

A river runs under Maine street ( right under the center ). There are pretty ducks that are always right where you see them in this picture. 

This is my favorite shop on main street.

 This is Starbirds. They have fine antiques and other wonderful accessories.
Let's take a look inside.
I know this is one of the owners, the other is his wife. 
She does a really good job merchandising the store. I get the feeling she may do the purchasing as well. At any rate, he is very nice, but I have never met her.

You can see the harbor through the windows in the shop. 
See the giant tall ship with snow on it ?? I think that is pretty great.

This is the first display when you walk in.

These are Chinese Water Bottles, and they are antiques. They are on the display table in the pic before this one. I did that to give you a sense of scale.

To the left right when you walk in , you see this wall.

Again, I have a close-up of these globes. ( See pic above )
I think the would look great in a big wood bowl on a big cocktail table , desk or a dining room table.
This is another display and I simply could not fit everything in the shot. 

This is a close-up of the same framed SHELL ART from the picture above.

Very sweet, and if you are a True Mainiac, it is a must have !

This gorgeous wreath was very interesting and about 350.00. 
I have taken a close up so that perhaps one of you creatives might figure out what it is made of and how it is made. 

I think it is made of baby pine cones that are sprayed with something like green xmas tree snow.
LOOK THROUGH THE WREATH, it is a Tall Ship ( 3 masted sailing ship ) covered with snow.

More inside Starbird's.

You can't see how lovely the soft mohair throws are. The colors are edible.

Speaking of edible, it is time for the best clam chowder etc. At CAPPY"S. The building on the right. I would tell you to go to Cappy's when in Camden, but just like what is printed on all their promo stuff, everyone eventually ends up at Cappy's !

Check the moose head out on the left.

This place gets pretty busy, often can grab a bar stool and eat at the bar. Notice the beer tap.

Remember the river that runs under main street ? 
Well, this is it running out on the other side of the street and into harbor, and then into the wide open bay/ocean ,

This is my goodbye to Camden until next time.

Camden - main street again, heading back towards Rockland and home.

Formal country antiques and fine decorative accents
Camden Maine
Owner : Caroline Sutherland
I hope it is right, her husband wrote it down and I wasn't real clear on it.

( enlarge any picture for more info and a closer look )

Renee Finberg 'TELLS ALL' in her blog of her Adventures in Design


  1. Starbird looks like my kind of heaven (as does Camden). Happy New Year, xv.

  2. What a great find! I LOVE the wreath! Happy New Year!

  3. yes, it is a wonderful store. with the harbor on one side and main street on the other.

    and great merch.

    happy new year to you both and thank you for the comments


  4. Renee~ I too am from Maine. Camden is my favorite little Maine village. We often go on a winter weekend and always end up at Cappy's or the Waterfront.
    Starbird is such an inviting little shop. I love the way she blends the worn with the new. I have mostly seen the wife when I've been there- she's lovely.
    Love your entries~

  5. thank you debra,
    isn't it a GREAT BIG SMALL WORLD ???

    who knows, maybe i will run into you there !!

    xxx renee

  6. thank you debra,
    isn't it a GREAT BIG SMALL WORLD ???

    who knows, maybe i will run into you there !!

    xxx renee

  7. Many of my in-laws are from Maine and I've loved it every time I've visited.

    I saw that same wreath at a boutique in Seattle and almost bought it...

    Happy New Year!



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