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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Somewhere on East 61st Street Near Park Avenue....

GEOFFREY BRADFIELD LLC - Headquarters on East 61st St. NYC, NY.
Have I mentioned lately how much I miss NYC and most importantly, living there?

So, in NYC there is Geoffrey Bradfield , a designer.

I am ashamed to say that I am not a designer junkie, and I don't necessarily know who's on top and who's not. I am also a designer that does not go to see the latest model homes when I am working on a project. I have always felt that it effects my creativity negatively, I can end up in the 'design mud'. Stuck.
I can not pick up where someone else has left off, if you get my meaning. For me , it has to come from the inside out While doing a little research on new products I happened upon Geoffrey Bradfield and his work.
Look at the hard cornice that frames and arches the windows here in the sitting area. It could be a straight window which has been made to look as though it has an arch. If that is the case, I like that very much , and do the same whenever I can. The windows with the arched hard cornice, including the drapery panels ( and whatever decorative hardware & trims that you might use ) will look architecturally enhanced when installed.
This Top Designer has a 'Top Drawer' Clients as well.

Now here is the thing I was researching, Lucite Case Goods.

But I found his own SIGNATURE COLLECTION of area rugs made by Stark Carpet. Which means of course that you can custom color your carpet with Stark's custom color carpet tufts.
They have a bizzillion different colored yarns to choose from.

I think these are sooooooo Hollywood.

Now we get to the LUCITE, and his MILLENNIUM MODERN Collection.

Geoffrey Bradfield's Favorite Room: ’40s glamour FOR THE 21ST CENTURY

NEW YORK, NY 10022
212 755-7024
To my readers , I am suffering at the moment with Internet issues and I am on a friends computer. Please cut me a bit of slack if I am slow to post this week.
.....I am working on it.

( enlarge any picture for more info and a closer look )

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  1. Anonymous22:37

    Hi Darling! Happy New Year, those rugs are divine! Come check out my lucite, i'd love your esteemed opinion!

  2. Anonymous09:40

    Where do I get that glass chair? It's so classy. I bet that would make me feel as comfy as royalty.

  3. office furn -

    go to his sight and you can find out where to order.

    or go to paris apartment and ask her.
    she has just launched a line of lucite furniture which is great .
    her address is on my sidebar under 'my fav bloggies'
    take care & come back

  4. Anonymous22:14

    Thanks for that. Checking out their site.. :)

  5. Hi Sweet Renee,
    First, Happy 2009!
    I miss NYC too!
    About Mr. B - with all due respcet you have nothing to envy except his address ha ha.
    I love Lucite, but that chair is hideous ha ha.
    The hard cornices are great, but again we've all been do that rodeo.
    Hope your internet woes get better. We've been having alot of problems too. Everything is so SLOOOOW!
    xo xo

  6. Wow - I finally found your blog! After all of your lovely comments, I was on a mission. Did you know that clicking on your profile does not reveal anything about your blog? It was hard to find you!

    Anyway, love the pictures, and what a lucky designer to work with such gorgeous architecture.

  7. Wow! I love that sitting room! So elegant and refined! Great blog entry today, Renee!

  8. I LOVE those area rugs! The first navy blue and white is my fave. Looks like they cost a fortune though.. :)

    And great blog by the way! I just added you to my blog roll.



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