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Monday, August 18, 2008

The ChalkBoard Wall

You know, I have always wanted to do this ChalkBoard wall thing
mainly because I am just the wacky, ‘Creative’, with
“ideas bouncing around in my head like a pin ball machine” type.

Then I decided that it would work best if I could get someone
to carry it around…maybe on their back for me, or just prop it up
when I needed to remember something, or get back on task,
or write an idea down...whatever.
I don’t have an issue with carrying the chalk around in my purse,
chalk is the size of a lipstick.
And Don’t Even suggest a palm pilot or something like that.
I write BIG,
And am uncomfortable being confined.
I never did like coloring inside the lines in my coloring books.

So, I like this idea and finally, I think I have found the right application for me.
The Chalkboard I am talking about is in the picture # 3 with the
Tall Thin Chalkboard propped against the wall.
I can keep it right in my face when I want it,
or stick it in a closet when I don’t want to look at it,
or get someone to strap it on their back. LOL
Yes, this works for me. click on pictures to enlarge
pictures 2 & 3 are from and picture # 1 is from Plaza Magazine


  1. very nice topic... i will visited here everytime.
    i hope you will add me and i will add you too in my blog

  2. I love the chalkboard walls, being an artist and all... but I have yet to find the perfect spot for one. Great blog



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