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Sunday, August 17, 2008

This Gorgeous Yacht Got Me to Thinking……

Well, It is Sunday ………….I think I should post something luxurious,
sort of a vacation yet still related to design.
This gorgeous yacht got me to thinking, which I do entirely too much of……..
Me personally, I am beyond sensitive when it comes to ‘SETTINGS’
or the atmosphere of a space.Wherever I am ….what I see,
what I hear, the temperature, the smells,and the sounds…all affect me.
I will be comfortable or uncomfortable.
I will stay or I will leave.
This 'HEAD' is worthy of duplicating in a home-
It seems to me that I would want to stay on this yacht all day ….
but if something made me uncomfortable or annoyed me,
I would swan dive right off that BOAT ( notice, now it is just a boat )
and swim to shore or ride ‘FLIPPER’ home.

You know, 'a thing or a person' can look good, look like fun, look like luxury, but it is only when you get into the galley or the bilge of the yacht that you will know the truth of the matter.

I grew up in Miami Beach on Palm Island and I do remember
Opting to swim home on more than one occasion.

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