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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Now You Know Why I Want SPRING....

This is the main hwy on the way to town.
It is 2 lanes
and I can't see them.

This is my first time driving in the snow.

This is heading home and it is NO BETTER.
People were sliding all over the place.

Home Sweet Home.
This is the driveway to Mom's House.

There is a salt water cove straight behind the gazebo and back yard.

My gorgeous aluminum furniture is buried under the wisteria covered gazebo.

This is the actual ' La Petite Gallery' of

Home at last.
And I made it without running off the road.
It helps that my eye balls are bugged out of my head, and
I am gripping the steering wheel so hard that there is no blood in the tips of my fingers.
And to the locals dismay............
I am driving a top speed of 30 miles per hour.
But I made it home safe.

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  1. But look at how insanely beautiful it all is. Don't even tell me you were taking pictures while driving (now thats something I would do lol). Beautiful shots!! But I am fully ready for spring!

  2. Renee, it looks beautiful! And yes a Floridian would be very apprehensive!! You will get used to it, really! My lane goes up an embankment, it is quite narrow and when it snows my friends refuse to visit me! They always ask...How is your drive way?? N.xo

  3. It's beautiful, but the perils it must present. Well done, Renee...

  4. Ahhhl the perils in life...

  5. And yet, you're taking pics, lol!!! Love it.

    Yeah, can't wait for spring either. Nobody likes to drive in that nonsense. I know I don't even with my 4x4. We're expecting another big one here in Ontario tonight.

    I bet you miss Florida on days like these!


    Nicole xx

  6. That is stunning. I would give anything to be in those scenes right now. Amazing photos - reminds me of just through the wardrobe in Narnia :-)

  7. It is so incredibly beautiful though - but I guess that thought is furthest from your mind when concentrating. I hate, hate, hate driving in the snow...will go to elaborate lengths to avoid it...can't understand how anybody ever feels in control on a road which is so slippery. But I guess, like most things in life, practice makes perfect. xx

  8. Whoa, scary. I'm not great in the snow in a car.. this is so beautiful though, but better from inside the house I suppose than in a car. Good job, you'll get better! Be safe!
    xo Nancy

  9. I truly can't imagine…Yes, I know why you want Spring to arrive! I would be screaming for it! The snow sure is pretty to us that never see it, though! We are getting "flurries" this Saturday…just in time for my granddaughter's gymnastics birthday party…how much you want to bet that it will be cancelled because all of us will panic at a few flurries? Hmmmmm…..I'll keep you posted!

  10. Scary and glad you are safe at home.

  11. Renee even surrounded by fear, you can make me laugh. That is some serious snow even for a Floridian! Makes our wee skiffles look like dandruff. I'm on the same page my dear, bring..ON..Spring. Thinking of you ladies xx

  12. I've got it....... You could make designer snow shovels........ Like with the Chanel Insignia..........You could just sell them out of your car! No really,even with a lot of snow the place is very pretty.........Hope it has a big pantry..........Maryannexo

  13. It is 4 in the morning here in CA and I am laughing outloud....that is snow!!!

  14. Renee this looks beautiful! I have to admit I LOVE winter! I live where snow is rare and the heat and humidity of summer is just around the corner.

    Be safe, I hope the job is going well.

  15. Bless your heart, Renee! I am glad you made it home safely. The snow looks gorgeous, but I am a total pansy when it comes to the cold, so I admire your chutzpah. Hope you are well & happy! xo

  16. Oh dear Miss R! Snow driving is the captured it well! Spring will be springing soon....can't wait to see what grows over the gazebo and you enjoying your furniture!
    Miss YOU!

  17. well we have beautiful Sunny days for 4 Days,
    God is Good
    God is Great.
    Lets take a ride to a new village.



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