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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Temporary Masqerade

I have really been through it.
This has been a living breathing Masquerade.

 to disguise oneself; also : to go about disguised

I am a bit afraid to be me.
This is MAINE.

I love my new town but this business of finding my fit.
Just the right fit for myself has been daunting.

It was just last week that I finally found 
'it' in me to start to print up new biz cards,
design some ads, get my tax #,
and finally look forward to what ever this new 
phase of my life will be.
I know that whatever will be
will not look or feel the same.
That's what I wanted....
but doing this great big 'THING' is scary.

It is certain that I have a great foundation of 
friends and family.

It is different for sure,
and I hated where I was.


....sorry that I have been M.I.A.
-this has proved to be hard stuff-
I have barely been present for myself.

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  1. Yes, you hated where you were. Even if this isn't the Crown Jewel, I bet you feel like you are where you are supposed to be? At least I hope so! Did I tell you we were in line with a couple at an antiques show in Nashville and they told us where they were from? I think I did….anyway, they said your town in Maine and I was like…I have a friend that lives there! Oh well, blog land makes us be friends and for that, I am glad. I am hoping that you end up truly loving where you are and that business ends up being fabulous and that Spring time puts a spring in your step that may not have been there before. However goofy I know that sounds!

  2. you ride the waves very well. Getting your sera legs takes time. Mom

  3. Yay, take your time honey, just great too see you :-)

  4. Hi and friends can get your through anything, I truly am convinced of that! I think there are "learning curves" and bumps along the way with any new venture. I bet come summer/spring, things will be looking up, things take time. Theres no doubt that I think Maine is going to feel like home sooner than later:)

  5. Hello Renee, glad to hear you're moving forward! Good to see you!

  6. Hi Ren'ee, that "moving forward" thing is so very hard even in a place that you have family that you love. I know as I am going through the same thing here in Atlanta. Unfortunately I do not love GA. You have it over me on that one. I am a NY'er period. So to "fit" in here is sooooooooo hard, infact I don't think it will happen.
    Be who you are no matter where you live.

    Love and Best Wishes to you,

    Designs for You

  7. Your courage and strength takes my breath away. Letting go and saying hello to the unknown requires the best in us. You'll be great. We've got your back.

  8. Hope you do a new post about all
    the fun things you have been doing.
    love you sweetheart.

  9. I feel you ! Transitioning and going thru deep layers is sooooooo hard. I hope you find hope and renewed life when spring hits. Did you get a job or are you going to design again? I hope you use your have so much to offer. I don't have a clue about Maine. Talk about a 360 change from Fl I'd imagine. Best wishes dear, and keep in touch.
    xo Nancy

  10. You are a trooper Renee! I admire your strength!

  11. you are an amazing additions to Maine. Keep it up, we are greatly blessed by your arrival

  12. You are a wonderful blessing for us here in Maine, thank God for your arrival!



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