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Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Birthday Cake For Liberace or ME

Mom's Sweet Birthday Cake
with giant marshmallows inside
A Cake For Liberace

When I saw my age printed on a birthday card....
I knew right then...
This is why woman lie about their age.
It was absolutely shocking to me to actually see the number.



Sometimes I have the maturity of A 16 year old 
and I feel like I am 30.
But it is surely not true on either count.
I am approaching SENIOR Citizenship.
The only upside is;
 medicare (if it is still provided)
and the movie discount.

I tell you this is devastating....

On a lighter note 
yesterday my Mom and I went to see a movie
 and were rushing to get there on time....
we stopped for the best HOT DOG imaginable in Rockland.
It is a little trailer/Hot Dog Kitchen on the side of the road.
{ I love stuff like this}
When Mom pulled up to the trailer
I ran up to the window to get the DOGS.
When I handed Mom her Hot Dog she dropped it in her lap,
she was driving,
and when she jumped up and out of the car...
Not to worry we managed to stop just a few short inches 

Two Heart attacks on the side PLEASE!

A comedy of errors.
We both had a huge laugh when it was all over.

Have you ever done that?
Jumped out of the car while it was still in drive?
I have.

The movie was a comedy, and it was a good thing,
if the car episode wasn't enough
when we got in the movie my Mom was sitting on the seat when it was 
in the folded up position for me to walk past her to my seat....
she proceeded to lose her balance and flip over backward over the chair 
into the aisle behind us.
No worries 
I grabbed her jacket and pulled her back into position.
Again...we were hysterical laughing.

In my head though I was freaking out
and thank G-D 
that she didn't flip over and 
get wedged in the aisle behind us or crack her head on the hard floor.
A slight stresser....NO?

Nothing else went wrong for the day

those Happy Juices just kept circulating through our bodies all day.
Have you had a good laugh today?
It's so important.
I hear it can cure cancer.


Have a great day.
We are off to see Silver Lining today.

Signing Off,
Laurel & Hardy


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  1. I am living proof, I laughed my way through Cancer, kept busy building this house.
    I had a fun Time yesterday, and today we
    do it all over again. Mamma XXXXXX
    HappyBirthday to my baby..

  2. Sounds like you two are having BLAST! Happy Birthday, dear girl!

  3. My, My, you're just a baby! I'm 75 and still going strong. Wish I could revisit 57!!!

    Days like this are priceless. I've had many with my sis and we still laugh about them. Did I tell you about the time we loaded up a little trailer with rocks at a creek bed so we could lay a patio and the trailer nearly got away from us?

    How two women would think they could hold a trailer full of rocks is beyond me. Thank heavens for the reeeely big rock it stopped on.

    It's still funny.

    Jeanette Manchester Harris

    1. jeanette,

      that's a really good one.


  4. Wow! You had quite a day, Renee! I'm glad everyone is doing well after all the adventures -- Happy Birthday!!

  5. I do so love your mom. Do it all again today! That's the spirit !

  6. Oh sweet Girl, how did I miss your day? It sounds like the two of you had a great day with some scary moments. Laughter is indeed SO good for the soul! much love and Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy birthday Renee and please stop worrying about age. Look at the advanced style web side and you will see that you are young enough to start over. It's happen all in your mind. Not the age but thinking about makes you old...and a daily dose of laugh is the best remedy for wrinkles. You are still a pretty looking women.

  8. A little late but, happy birthday!
    Your mother is a sweetheart.

  9. R...I love this post! on soo many levels. First: Happy Birthday!....2nd: I feel like I'm 30 too...when I'm riding my bike (no hands)...jumping up on my kitchen counter to get in a top cabinet...or listening to Zeppelin or Nine Inch Nails, speeding along, windows down....Thanks for making me laugh today (it's the best age defying treatment out there)...k

  10. I love Yvonne! This makes me laugh and weep at the same time...thinking of my Mom and some of our misadventures together!
    Happy Birthday Renee! Just stay young at is just a number! N.xoxo

  11. Happy Birthday to you, sweet Renee! I am so happy that you had an exciting day!
    I have a year on you dear.
    Happy Monday.

  12. What fun stories and memories you are making! I hope you had a wonderful birthday, and can't wait to hear about the new job! I just lost my (day) job and have to close my business of 22 years... quite disturbing, and a glimpse of what you went through. Luckily our design business is fueling my passion and hope to build it more this year! Best wishes to you Rene!

  13. Anonymous19:53

    Happy Birthday to you my dear friend! It's been too long and I miss you!



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