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Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Dreaded Doggie Bath

This is a hilarious video of a dog avoiding the 'DREADED BATH.

If this doesn't make you laugh......
nothing will.

Have a great weekend- xox

Personal Update

I will be cleaning and sorting the garage
which I dread more than this little shitszu dreads his bath!!! looks like the bank is close to approving the sale of my home,
which means I will be driving to Maine soon in a UHAUL.

Maine or Bust!!!
PS  I realize why I posted this video,
it's how I feel inside right now.

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  1. Driving to Maine sounds like heaven to me, Renee. I know, I know, it would be better in a Bugatti, but.
    Just think of the whole new world awaiting you and your brilliance once you settle in. And, your mother will be thrilled beyond belief to have you around full time. You know how we've all worried so about her being alone. Remember, you can always go back to Boca. xx's

  2. M,

    yes...a bugatti would be nice. my little shit-szu would look adorable next to me in it.
    we could wear the leather flight hats with long white scarves!!@
    my mom will be happy...and so will i.


  3. This was so funny. I love Marsha, she is so nice. Just keep calling the bank.
    The people with jobs today are really lucky. Because half of them do as little
    as possible. If I were paying the payroll at Home Depot I would be firing half
    of the young people. They just don't care, and there is little effort.
    Denny's Restaurant is even worse. I won't go in there again.
    You will have no problem in Maine, getting a job. Come home soon.

  4. Was in the shower this week with my cat, she had rolled in icky stuff. Some wouldn't come off so she got scissored afterward.

    Dog or cat, warm water in the shower. Me naked.

    Most of my girlfriends do it that way too.

    Wouldn't that be a fun genre on youtube!

    XO T

    1. Tara
      that's a hilarious idea.
      in fact a great idea!!



  5. That poor dog, lol! That's one determined pooch!

    Good luck with closing the deal on your house, Renée! I'm sure this is at once stressful and exciting.


    1. N
      i am all but checking myself into a sanatorium.....
      i have no car anymore..........
      so.....i feel like i am on house arrest.


  6. AHHHH - MAINE OR BUST!!!! How exciting?!

  7. i know why i related to this video so much!......
    it's me!!!
    and i can only laugh-
    or cry about it.

  8. I am so frustrated, i cannot open the video... giving a bath to my Statfrordshire terriers (sounds much classier than pitbulls from the bronx) is quite an experience. I drag them (one at the time) into the shower with a leash, turn the rainshower on, the scrub and rinse with the handheld shower. i come out exhausted, drenched from this ritual.
    i just read that you are moving to Maine, then I must stop by on my next trip up .Quite a change from Boca! I love Maine and wish you all the very best. Your mother must be counting the hours. I just returned from visiting my parents in France and it is so hard to say goodbye...sometimes i feel it would be so much easier if I returned back to France... Can't wait to read about your trip up ...

    1. F,
      i can't wait for you to visit.
      although i may see you in nyc before next summer.


  9. Sistah! I definitely laughed out loud...too funny on the doggy bath!
    You will be on your way soon I just know it!
    xoxo Nae

  10. Ahhh...House sold, Bags packed...GARAGE clean! I did that last one last weekend...let;s just say the reward was an ice cold beer with a lime squeeze!!!

    1. linda

      it's not done yet.
      don't get excited.
      i am the queen of procrastination.
      believe it or is part of perfectionism.
      if you don't start, you can't do a bad job.

      i know too much psychology than is healthy.

      but DAMN!!!!
      i have awareness!!!


  11. Geez mate, I didn't realise you're part of the Clampett dynasty, I LOVE 'em! Get Grannie to put one of her famous spells on that Bank Manager so as he'll approve those folks loan in a jiffy. Look out Maine, Renee's on her way!!
    Millie xx

    1. Mills,
      i have
      'grannie clampett' on the phone driving the bank nutz!


  12. Funny video! I can see my dog doing that too. I have been painting this weekend and cleaning. Not fun, but needs to be done!



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