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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fabulous Chicken Coops

This is such a charming chicken coop,
that all of a sudden ...
I want to raise chickens.
Where did that come from????

This only confirms to me the power of 

I like this coop because it's rather 'un-chicken coopish.'
And the thought of me raising chickens sounds like fun
but maybe messy.
I am so freaked out by bird poop.

I did date a man who had a small horse farm and a small chicken coop.
That was my first experience with 'free ranging around the yard' chickens.
And my first time eating 5 minute old eggs.
They are tastier....!!!!

This coop reminds me of my favorite breakfast 
Huevos Rancheros.
A Mexican egg breakfast....
check it out.

The power of landscape!!!
Imagine this chicken coop without the climbing roses.
This chicken coop reminds me of 'Sconset' Nantucket.
The prettiest village on the island in my opinion.

I think for a small child collecting the eggs from a chicken coop 
would be very memorable.
Don't you?

Then I guess this might be a 'starter coop!!'

It seems like a daunting task....I think I will stick with the door knocker for now.

Would you have a chicken coop 
if you had enough space 
and the coop was going to be gorgeous?

Do you know anything about raising chickens ?
Is it complicated ? 

Chicken Breeds - Google Images

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  1. So adorable! Brooke Giannetti's chickens are gorgeous! I may consider it if I had the space.
    Hope that all is well with you, Renee.
    Happy Labor Day.

  2. been there, it was a lot of work. all my chicken had hats.
    the rooster was mean.

  3. Dear Renee, this is hilarious ! I did mention it in passing to my husband a while ago, he went ballistic !! I am sure it is not as glamorous as it appears, and I totally agree with you about the power of image! Is it about the chickens or having a darling coop in the yard?? Remember the 1001 Dalmations after the movie was released?? Every humane society was inundated with eight month old pups after Christmas....please! The door knocker is the best approach! Stay well...and I wish you happiness in your new home..

  4. nella....
    i am glad i am not alone in this madness!!


  5. You are not alone at all! My friend Sharon ( the one that makes the cluthes) has one and loves it but she lives on a lot of land. My other friend, that lives 3 doors down is dying for one! We do live on 2-3 acres but I don't know that I could handle the mess either! I can always get eggs from them if I want to taste a fresh one! I sure do love all of these great looking coops, though!

    1. thanks for playing along with my chicken fantasy.
      and that's all it is.


  6. If they are chicken coops then I want to be a chicken.....I could live in any one of those !!!! They are all gorgeous Renée. XXXX

  7. Well I guess great minds move in the same direction. Charles' chicken coops are so great because they are on wheels and he moves them around the pastures to provide better grazing for the lambs--very synergistic.

  8. These coops are stunning... but I am admiring from a distance... :) xv

  9. Love all of these coops! But I agree with not like the poop.

    I am happy you had a laugh from the photo of the car piled with stuff on my post, I did too, especially as I have packed the car on a day of antiqueing and shopping, like that.

    How is the move coming along? Is the house sold? Why Maine? How did you settle on that? I ask because my husband wants to move to Maine and I to Scotland, we are a little far apart on retirement ideas.

    As for caring for chickens, I have several friends that have them, they are easy to care for if they are not eaten by dogs, birds and wild creatures. And they eat all sorts of stuff.

    Have a great night, Elizabeth

  10. Renée ! I have been playing with the idea/day dream of having chickens when we settle in our (as yet unknown) home back in the US. And not long ago, we spoke of chicken coops and fences and foxes and I was discouraged. Now , seeing these, I am all about having chickens again ! I think as darling as they all look, I would go for the Starter Home/Coop at the bottom. An old dresser, how clever and adorable ! We will be in the Land of Antiques and I imagine we will find some old antique dresser, it will be perfect. I am excited ! I will start thinking of names for chickens now .. you know- Henrietta, Eggatha ... lol... besitos, C

    1. henrietta, eggatha....

      love it!!!
      whan you do it post about it!


  11. I would so love to have chickens. We have plenty of room for them, but I'm still working on convincing my husband that they do not make dreadful messes. I grew up with them (my mother was heavily into organic and vegetarian food, way back in the 1970s) so it just seems a logical way to harvest one own's eggs, if there is even a little bit of garden space available. And with a coop as stylish as these, there is no excuse for a sad old tin shed. xx

    1. no doubt your mom had the heart of a hippie!!

      everything comes full circle right?


  12. Yeah...gorgeous and all but not in my yard...they are so dirty, and make me NOT want to eat eggs and chicken.

  13. Your mama's right mate - head off down to the market & buy eggs in cartons! Son #4 the new Daddy has 3 chookies (Aussie slang for chickens) & those girls are producing like there's no tomorrow. We are lucky recipients of wonderful fresh eggs. But he has a mean old rooster who even bails up his big lovable German Shepherd dog Arlo, who high tails it inside shaking in fear. We couldn't do it here in the Hills, too many hungry foxes.
    Millie xx

    1. mills
      i was thinking of that....
      there are foxes by my moms house...
      i would flip out if i saw a fox getting one of my chickies.


  14. The best recipe for reviving a tragic lawn is a moveable cage with chickens in it as their dropping and their pecking do absolutely magic things!!!!! They do not need much room they are dead easy to look after and the eggs are delicious but having said all that I did everything in my power to stop Top having 'his chooks' (the fact that I am allergic to birds probably didn't help!!) Now I feel really bad as it wouldn't have really hurt me to let him have them!!!!
    The 5th last photo was built by a lovely blog I follow (just wish I could remember which one!) and the had photos and plans all the way!!!
    Stop fantasising and go get yourself some chickens if you don't like them you can always sell them or have lost of roast dinners or southern fried.....!!!!!! big hugs xxxx Jules

    1. hahahahha

      my mom was just saying the same thing.!!!!
      eat them....I COULDN'T!!!!

      love you xoxo
      i like the idea of a movable coop to fix the lawn. brilliant really!

  15. Renee I love the look of some of these darling chicken coops; however I don't really picture you (or me for that matter) Raising chickens!

    I have lost your email with phone # can you send it and I will call to catch up!

    Art by Karena

  16. I have been raising chickens for quite a while and I love them. They have a fenced in pasture and also free range when gardens are dormant. There is NOTHING like fresh free range eggs. And we love to sit by them in the summer. Its so relaxing. Like therapy.



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