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Monday, September 17, 2012

How Will I Know ?

How do you know?
Really KNOW.....?

When your 24yr old child should be left on her own.
With my move to Maine.... I feel lost not having my daughter close by.
Or seeing her face in the morning...more like in' the afternoon.'

Loss & Letting Go

I feel a loss....a serious change in my life.
I will be on my own and so will she.
But, she is just starting her is exciting.
She Has her Daddy. 
And he is there for her no matter what.
So why do I feel such a hole in my soul ??

And when will this sadness go away? 

I know...I won't really be on my own....
I will be with my Mom.

'CHANGE' is just so hard.

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  1. Oh no Renee. Not sure I can help you with this one. Having a wonderful 21 yo daughter myself, whom I miss terribly when she leaves after dinner I can offer no advice other than whatever or wherever you both are, the love is always there. It is so easy to make contact these days, Skype, email etc., I think back to the times of war when people lst contact for months on end. You will both survive and find new ways to keep that closeness. You need to move on with your life. You will both be ok!
    Much love

    1. D,
      I like the idea of skype.
      i will have to have her tutor me before my departure.

      xxx thank you

  2. this is my first visit to your blog, yet i hope it's okay to offer some comfort here. that deep sense of loss is really a testament to the strength of the bond. and that is something to feel joyful about. my son moved into his first apartment, and it just felt wrong to leave him there. our home doesn't feel the same without his personality in it. it sucks. but at these times i go with my head and not my heart. this is the goal. to become obsolete.

    sending positive vibes and hope to you! come visit anytime.


  3. That's because you care. You waited a long time to have her and then you invested so much of yourself in her, that she occupies a big part of your heart.

    My youngest just started university, so I have that hole too...They're both at the same university and we went to visit them yesterday (thankfully they're only about 90 minutes away), but when we left them, there was that hole again...

    I rely heavily on Skype to get by, lol! We sometimes "have dinner" while on Skype, it's the next best thing to being there.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and reading my post on Ray Staples by the way.

    1. it's true i did wait a long time....
      i was so afraid of being immature and making mistakes.
      i am still made mistakes...i am humman.

      but my daughter is my best accomplishment to date.

      thank you - skype...i am on my way

  4. Rene, have you told her this? I'm not even reading the other comments because I know you've read all about my daughter not living here anymore and yet she is back….alot! Simply because of her husband's work….now they are truly moving away…I also know you know how much I miss her and want her to move back. We've had such fun going to New Orleans, though! I hope you and your daughter can visit each other and have tons of fun doing so! The change in our lives with Holly moving away and now Miller going off to college was so overwhelming that at times I wondered if I would ever survive…I'm really praying for you to grow closer to your daughter though all of this! I know I have with my son….it's an effort though…I'm always the one making conversation! Go figure…especially with a son! Please keep us updated on you and your daughter! I hope she's doing well!

  5. Oh the feeling we parents have and kids don't understand until they are parents themselves. They don't understand the hole in the heart. Mine have been gone for quite some time and I still feel that hole. We have to let them go so they may grow into's hard.
    Hang in there sweet sistah. xoxo

    1. R,
      i and i talk.
      i am trying to buckle up for the pain that is coming.

      but you will be there i know to talk me down off the ledge.
      haha xox

  6. OK.. Listen up this is not a child. She is a woman. With more education than you had
    to go into the world..
    Stop worring, it's not Sophie's Choice here. She will visit you when she is ready.
    Now put on a happy Smile and go see a movie. Love Mamma xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Hope you get to spend time with her soon. You both will be fine, yet miss each other. Just make the most of your time together. Girls' weekend? :)

  8. OUCH. I don't know how you do this part. My kids are my joy and lifeline.. I see my daughter (30) everyday . As long as my kids are happy that is all that matters..This phase of your life is a phase, moving near your mom is what she will do one day. You have to let her fly.. You'll probably video chat everyday.. my heart is with you Renee. I can say all positive things, but I just don't know how I would be in your situation. Probably a puddle of mush...
    xo Nancy
    sending strength and hope your way..:)



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