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Tuesday, August 7, 2012


The sale of my home of 27.5 years is coming to a close.
I am over whelmed.
Can you imagine all that I have collected over the years?
Not to mention the memories ....

I have to decide which personal treasures I will keep.
This is becoming less difficult by the day.
I am keeping for sure my things from Paris and the revolution.....
...and pictures.

I want to go light-
Really light.

I found this online and have been re-reading it daily.

Who knows....
Maybe it will help you someday.
I hope so.

Much love................RF
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  1. Renee-
    Been there, and it is a difficult time. It will take a while to get over this, but you will be fine. I have faith in you. If you are not a survivor, no one is.
    Hang in there, friend.

  2. I think this is the best thing you've ever done, Renee. Release all of it. Let it go. You will have memories forever and they are the most important things after all. Of course, you will keep the important things you will find a place for them somehow. The main thing is to start way ahead of time to pack things up so you won't have the last-minute madness. Then float free as a bird, and begin to enjoy. You know I love you, and I'm sending all the good vibes in the world to you and Mama Bear right now.

  3. Have been through this so many times Renee, can't count. I don't remember anything I let go of apart from a Captains chair John bought me for my birthday the year before we married. I think about that chair every once in a while, but guess what, I survived and I still have the wonderful memory of having that great chair in my life for a while. It's only STUFF. It can be a mill stone around your neck. I think you will know what I mean over the next few weeks when you just want to see the back of it. Breath deeply and visualise your new life, that will get you through!
    Thinking of you.
    Much love

  4. daunting and exciting but everything will work well, Renee.

  5. Well, is it Delhi or Maine?
    Relocation is one of the most stressfull times in life.
    I like what I read. It will help me today cleaning the Garage .
    Love Mamma xxxxxx

  6. Whilst the thought gives me the horrors I do hope that this is me very, very soon!
    It did take me ages to get past the absolute horror of your image to get to the rest of your post...Do you think I might have a teeny, tiny problem with heights?!!!!!
    Just remember to keep breathing and you will be fine. Big hugs and lots of love to you sweet girl xoxo Jules

  7. Reguarding comment, change TV channels, what a show to go to sleep with.
    Glad it was a myth. Mamma

  8. At least your head is still attached to your body.. You will and are getting through this. I feel for you having to keep or toss, but remember if something is questionable whether to keep it or not, just photograph it, and that you can keep. An "organizer" told me that tip. Take time for yourself, and remember you're taking bites at the whole, so it will eventually be done! My thoughts are with you!

  9. Housing prices helped me keep my house/garden of 26 years. Going into the divorce I was sure it would be lost. Didn't matter, staying with an alcoholic was no longer a choice.

    No, cannot imagine moving.

    Yes, have lived with quotes, faith, cliches, & etc............daily. To get thru.

    Most importantly, joy everyday.

    Love your pic. The socio-economics of pruning. Chest hi, ladder hi, cherry-picker hi. 3 solid indicators of income.

    XO T

    1. T,

      you get me.
      ...and oh this is a horror.
      last night my mother in-law died in her sleep.
      i have known her since i am about 11 yrs., moving from this home, her gone, soon (2 weeks my daughter gone} and then my ex husband....who i honestly love will all be gone and i will start 'anew'.
      today....i am terrified.


    2. thanks for the visit and the kind words xox

  10. Oh Mis Nay Nay,
    'trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path'. One of my faves, I love you sweet girl, all will be well. the words at the end of your post. So sorry about granny, better fran a nursing home. I know your heart is sad, it's ok. Time heals.
    Chat soon.

  11. Renee you certainly have more than your fair share right now but it sounds like your head is in the right place. I'm sending you a huge cyber hug and loads of strength today.



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