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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Red Rooms - Could You Have One?

I started off with my home office done in Chinese Red.
*Walls only*
all else was dark walnut with accents of olive green sofa etc.
Not to mention it was a true 'HUNT' room with huge fine oils of hunt scenes.
The riders wear red jacket...
they are leaping through the green forest....
you get the idea.
Besides this room being my office-
it was my favorite place to lock myself away in to watch a movie
or nap.
I would fall asleep immediately.
I love that room.

Dare I say what plain GENIUS red is with Zebra?

Love this one....
see the meander-greek key border ?

Learn more here;
click on Meander Post

There is a certain coziness that red can give you over all other 
'neutral's .
I do consider it a High Brow gutsy NEUTRAL because
it is fabulous with golds, deep blues, creams, blacks, even dark dark shades of brown.
And of course....never forget green.

It can certainly be funky!

I am not opposed to a red kitchen either....
mixed with gold/yellow, black & cream.
These cabinets are a happy change from what is it out in the design scene at the moment.

Would you try just one red room to start ???

I did, and I ended up with two.

*images from peter frank edwards
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  1. Renee, I once had a red room and I loved it, felt the same as you. It was invigorating during the day and a cozy cocoon in the evening. Big Texas hug coming at ya !!!

  2. All those rooms are beautiful.I did one for a client years ago, walls only a beautiful tomato red, she loves all things Italian and it has stood the test of time with a little tweaking on occasion..... Maryanne xo

  3. My red den that I had in our other house was always one of my favorites and my mom's gorgeous red powder room still is! It's fabulous and I agree that is a neutral! Be it gutsy or not! Loved these images!

    1. when i move.....i need to make myself a red room.
      i need that cozy - vivacious environment.

      and as i said,
      it's such a great space to escape to and nap or watch a movie.

      xoxo thanks for the comment

  4. Renee, our everyday family room downstairs is red sofa and love seat , in red leather. I painted the walls a deep mustard colour, dark panelling and wood beams in ceiling. I found a lovely area rug, in greens, gold and reds..used a quilt with red and deep yellow to upholster a very old and wonderful arm chair accented with wood arms and legs....after twenty years it is still my favourite room and I love it t. I am not doing a thing to it in the renovation, just new paint and added new cushions to the sofas....this colour is timeless, you are so right! N.xo

  5. Renee I had a gorgeous Chinese red Powder room!! It was truly gorgeous!
    Hmmmm you having me thinking again!

    How are you doing and are you planning the move soon? Email me!

    Art by Karena
    2012 Artists Series

  6. yes, I once had a red library. Loved it too...and red was the thread throughout the house. Still have a red ceiling in the powder room and a red back door!

  7. I did that once and I was always angry, certain reds do that to me. I only did one wall and it lasted 6 months. Then I did a sage green and brown suede stripe. That made me feel like Prison Bars. It can be tricky, as you know. Certain dark blues depress me.
    NOW Yellow makes me happy. The rooms are gorgeous. Maybe we will try it again, have to
    use a rust or barn red. Beautiful post Renee.

  8. Anonymous08:28

    I love red rooms. My last old home I painted the "library" den in Ralph Lauren...Hunting Coat Red. I loved that room. Years ago II wallpapered a bathroom in red. That really added personality to a small room with all white fixtures. I read somewhere it said red is out, that and brass. How could beautiful rich red and old brass ever be out? I have to go back and admire your photos again.


  9. I'm not bold enough! I do have a red front door though, that's as far as it goes. Our house is white brick with charcoal shutters, so it's perfect. (I had some old biddies on the street tell me they didn't like it. Oh. Well. See if I care. It's my house, I like it, lol!)

    I do really love red rooms, though, they have so much personality.

    1. don't you just love nosy neighbors?
      i know i love mine.
      ....just another reason to get out of here!!


  10. YES!!!!!! We had a red dining room and I loved it!! big hugs xxxx

  11. I like red as a colour, but the red rooms I've encountered are usually a disappointment. I prefer something lighter and more peaceful. And red rooma are dark, (all your examples require electric lighting), which can be depressing in a winter climate. Acessorising with red is much more my bag.

    1. ooooohhhh
      don't tell me that.
      i was considering painting my bedroom red up in maine.

      as for the lighting.....
      everything on dimmers!!! always.




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