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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Marimekko Flagship Store NYC

I remember the first time I entered a Merimekko Store.
It was off 5th Ave by the MOMA-
It was the late 1970's and I just thought it was soooo wild.
It was.
It still is.
RETRO 60's!!!

It's even better now.
Anything you purchase from the store will be 'COOL'.
And there is a place for these fabrics, pillows, and bedding etc.

Kids room.
A Happy family room.

A beach house....
you know better that I where these happy fabrics would work.

stop in and have 'eye candy' for lunch instead of something fattening.

I am packing 
and sorting my head off.
What to take with on my move....what to dump.
My life will soon be so different.
Let's just hope it's not psychedelic !!!!!


Marimekko Flagship Store - NYC

located :  200 Fifth Avenue, NYC, New York 


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  1. What a fun store!! I remember when I first went to college and my first big purchase was bedding from Mariameko glad to see they are still going strong....such a fun line!

  2. I always like to go in the Marimekko section at Create and Barrel.

    Art by Karena
    2012 Artists Series

  3. Oh Renée,
    What with getting used to this MacBook Pro ( and it certainly takes a bit of getting used to !!) and watching the Olympics, I've missed so much on your blog. Where are you going and are you excited ? I do hope that it's going to be a wonderful adventure, wherever it may be. I will try to keep up in future so please forgive me. Much love. XXXX

  4. I loved Marimekko in the 70's and it is still so cool. I'd love to be in the midst of a store full of it. Best of luck friend with the packing and sorting. I know it's a drag, but there is light at the end of the tunnel...right? Hope the purging feels good, although I know its stressful. Shed the crap! best of luck.
    xo Nancy

  5. That brings back memories. I remember the small books with Paper and Fabric's. We custom
    made spreads and windo shades. Mostly used for Children's rooms. Sometimes I found great checks and plaids for Kitchens. Loved the books.. What ever became of Davis and Dash?

  6. Good luck on your move. It is so trying!
    I love these fabrics too, and I just got an idea for the beach.
    Happy Friday, Renee.

  7. I've been there and I love it... They have the nicest patterns!

  8. My daughter would love these fabri s in her bedroom and hangout room. I'd love them there, too! And then she couldn't get rid of me ; )

    Happy Friday, Renee!

  9. I gave my friend a Marimekko umbrella for her birthday. It is fun to see all the happiness here. I am new to your I need to find out where you are moving to?

    1. crafty,

      i am moving to mid-coast maine.
      right outside of camden.




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