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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Well......"La Di Da - La Di Da"

Don't I have the most amazing friends out there????
It's hard to hate yourself when so many 
love and support you.
Thank you ALL for helping me to HEAL!!!
I am healing.
And it was YOU!!
Your comments that have helped me to begin the process.
I am feeling good today.
And that is something!!

As you can imagine 
my 'NORMAL' friends and family
are all trying 'to get in there and control me.'
Everybody knows what's best for me down here on earth in Boca Raton.
I am under the microscope.
Now what are you going to do???
When are you getting a job....?
blah blah blah

I would be happy to loan them my shoes for a day 
just to 'GET' where I am coming from.

As the late great M.M. put it....
'I don't want to be rich,
I just want to be wonderful'
{....and feel wonderfully}

I have great news ....

It's official -
is OVER !!!!

I love you!!!
{and i do feel better}

Thank you Thank you Thank you

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  1. Understand the family thing! Been there. If they were as smart as they think they are, why haven't they accomplished more. Just ignore and turn your pretty little face and smile! In time you will decide what is right for you.

  2. *** Now THIS is the kind of posting I L*O*V*E to see!!!

    That's "IT"~~~ Just remember, ALWAYS, to, my friend!!!!

    Warmest to you (and it's VERRRRY "WARM" here in AZ***),
    Linda in AZ *

  3. It's true, "you can't keep a good woman down for long". Just like MM, you are a good, and amazing lady. I say pity away if you want, whatever you need to do, is what YOU need to do to move on. I'm just glad to read that you did, and do feel the love. You are and always will be, my kind of gal Renee Finberg. xx oo

  4. and i just came back to lend support on your previous post and viola!
    good for you renee. hey see if any other family member has grabbed life by the horns and followed a dream? regardless of the outcome, you TRIED!!!
    it's not you love, it's florida......remember that!

    now go out and celebrate scratching off your list "my own shop" and see what's next

  5. 5th

    it is definitely
    SCRATCHED OFF my list!!


  6. Career moves made with my head, common business practice & blah-blah....a waste of time. Sometimes money too, aka marketing.

    Action steps taken from my heart, my passion, can't breath unless I do it with this crazy idea deep in my soul.

    When that comes out, success beyond anticipation. Ironic, because it's not success I'm seeking, it's to design landscapes historically. That's what my soul must do to survive.

    And that muse is supporting me nicely. Even in this economy.

    Ha, wish I didn't know all about family negativity. Doesn't matter, have a community of chosen family in my friends.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  7. I am not going to say what I would like to. I will email you....
    I am glad you are feeling better.... Having a shop is not a bad thing..... But there are too many varibles these days..... And don't knock retail, (If it had worked out you'd be happy as a clam).The thing is.......You are funny, cynical, goofy and fun, and not afraid to speak your mind..... I think the Huffington Post should hire you!!!!!! God Help em! Maryanne xo Pitty shimitty.HA.

  8. maryanne

    you know i love you.
    you have been a great sounding board for me....
    even while i was going listened and gave sage advice.
    you know what?
    i would be honored if they wrote on my tombstone;
    'she was funny, cynical, goofy and fun, and not afraid to speak her mind!!'

    i love you

  9. Forgeddaboutit.

    YOU know what you want and what will make you happy. Just smile and say, "You could be right." And, then go on about your own business. Everyone has always thought I'm a bit crazy, because they couldn't believe I would take on such huge responsibilities...but I always knew what I could do and how much I could handle. I don't equal them.
    Same goes for you. U = Them = 0

  10. Renee,

    So glad your "feel" the challenge of a new day that's what it's all about.


  11. ...Yeah Renee is back!!!! Glad you're feeling better, go with flow my friend, go with the flow,lol:)..xo

  12. Sweet girl family and friends mean well and they worry for you and think they know best! The very strange thing is that bloggy fiends know you differently. we know the you inside your head (which frankly is why we are here because it is a pretty amazing head!!!) We hear and see the emotions and the power that drive you without the interference of the physical body. SO we all know that you can get up and ride that horse again!! Love you J

  13. You are so special, so unique, Renee...believe that the best is yet to come!

    Art by Karena

  14. Go girl!
    You have to sing this bit - "pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again"!

    I think reinvention is underrated. I have tried so many different things in my life, so many changing careers and I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. It's almost at the point that if things don't change every few years I don't know what to do with myself. The one thing I am sure of though is that each episode adds something to my life. The bad, the good, you take it all and grow from it. I've always thought that the worst thing would be to lie on my deathbed wishing I had done something. You never have to do that, you gave it a go. You didn't fail, you did it!

    Onto the next episode, richer and wiser in both knowledge and experience!
    Much love

  15. Di- yonks

    this is a first....a blogger singing to me.
    i love that little ditty.

    as far as reinventing myself, this is a hard one.
    all i have ever done in my adult life is related to the design industry {32 yrs of it}
    i am pretty beat up from it right now.

    thank you for your love and encouragement xxx

  16. Cheers to that!!!!!! So happy you are feeling better, I just know bright skies are ahead Renee:)

  17. You are loved and you are talented and you will survive.
    I admire you.
    xo xo

  18. I second what The Vamp said. Only you know what is best for you. Just remember we are pulling for you, goofy wonderful girl.

  19. Great news! Give yourself a big hug!

  20. Woohoo Girlfriend.
    Isn't it wonderful to have the friends here in blogland you do that love and support you in such a tremendous way? G-d is GOOD!
    Love ya!

  21. renae

    yes he is good.
    but unpredictable!!!

    love you

  22. I love that Marilyn quote..., and that is well within our power!!!

  23. Im am relieved and thrilled! We don't have to worry that you're going down with the ship and that you have set sail for a new land! I love your journaling and how the metamorphosis is giving you new life. You have a bold exciting new future ahead, and I know it's scary but you are one brave woman and we ALL admire you for it. Honestly, Renee, you are inspiring. Talented, beautiful and inspiring. Did you have to leave a horse behind? ( That would be salt in the wound!) I hope your daughter comes to see you often, or better yet, you can meet for wonderful girl's weekends. Much love to you, and god bless.



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