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Saturday, April 7, 2012

April 7th - My Mom's Birthday

Today is a special day for my Mom….
I think she is #### old , I don’t really know.

But, I must confess I have not come close to being the perfect daughter.
 What I put my mother through during my teen years would have killed another.

Remember this?

My mom has been there through the good times and the not so easy times.
That is a Mom....Right?

And this is the Crystal Room @ Tavern On The Green
SHE JUST HAD TO TAKE ME THERE!!!!! a good mom would -
if she could - or could not

I made this just for you.
I love you & Happy Birthday!!!!

{isn't she fabulous}

Here's to you Mom.
Happy birthday!! 
I love you & I wish I were with you! i am crying

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  1. What a great tribute to your mom... That was VERY nice Renee....
    I love the picture of her......Happy Birthday Yvonne!!!!!
    Hey I ate in lunch in the chandelier room once!!!!!!!!!!Maryanne xo

  2. Oh My Gosh! You look just like her, Renee.
    Nothing like a mother. I wish mine was still here.
    Happy Birthday, Mom.

  3. yes, she is....and she has a terrific daughter.....k

  4. oh...maryannne
    this was great for you to comment.!!!

  5. ter,
    i am sorry your'e mom is gone.
    i know i will be completely freaked out!


  6. Hi Rene, that was really Mom passed away three years ago today...I miss her terribly, and yes I attribute everything that I am to her also. Hope you have a happy Easter, remembering and celebrating your beautiful Mom!

  7. Happy Birthday to your mommy Renee!! Hope she is having a great day.She is absolutely beautiful, just like you..Have a great weekend,xo

  8. Happy birthday to your oh-so-fabulous mom! My mom's birthday is April 6, so we celebrated with her yesterday. I'm with you - Lord knows I put my mom through the ringer when I was a teen. She the had a good laugh when I gave birth to a little girl. Karma.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. HI Renee

    That is some gorgeous photo of your mum!!! I love it.. and love your sweet tribute to her.... She is a very special person.. as are you!!! and I'm thankful to have met you both here in blogland..

    Alright .. enough mushy... Happy Easter/Passover also.. may this weekend be filled with love and relaxation and hope for an exciting future!!!

    ciao ciao xxx Julie

  10. You know I adore your 59-year old mother! Happy Birthday, Yvonne!
    I think you look exactly like you looked then, whenever that was. Renee, all daughters put their mothers through HELL. I know, I have one. But, it all turns out to be OK and wonderful. Don't have regrets, just have love. A beautiful post, lovie. Love U2...

  11. How beautiful Renee. What a glamourous shot - the toast, the dress, the hair - so very fabulous. No wonder you ended up as a designer with a stylish mum like that.

    And I often wonder, having been put through difficulties with my own daughter, if we perhaps wouldn't be as close if we hadn't had those hard times. And I bet it is the same with you and your mother. The harder the pull, the closer the bond in the end.

    Hope you are having a beautiful Easter, too. xx

  12. We all love Yvonne - let's fight over her!
    Millie xx

  13. Renee that's lovely. Yvonne have a wonderful and happy birthday. Jules xx

  14. Oh my Gosh! This is a big surprize.
    Today was full of Surprises. Thank you for this beautiful post Renee. Wish you could have gone to dinner
    with Barbie and I . When I walked-
    in with the cane and almost took a tumble, the whole restaurant was full of my friends. It was a shock to see them as I had no idea. Everyone avoided me today no one returned the calls. Then to read this tonight It is just so wonderful. Well, I made it to 75
    even if I had a cane. Love you Darling. Love and hugs Mamma
    Hope your Easter goes well.

  15. What a gorgeous happy birthday to your wonderful mother... Yvonne is so fabulous and how lucky you are Renee to have her in your life... xv

  16. Beautiful tribute to your mom Renee!! You make me cry too!!
    Happy Easter!

  17. I had to come back and read it again I was crying too much. Thank you Renee for some great memories.
    You can lose your purse, your car,
    your home, but we always have our Memories. Big hug, wish we could have Easter Dinner together.
    Love Mamma XX

  18. Happy Birthday to your mom! What a fab picture of her!

    I wish I would have had the kind of mom who took me to Tavern on the Green. What a great memory. Now I can't even take my daughters there, isn't it gone? At least the Russian Tea Room is reopened, perhaps we'll make it there some day.

  19. Renee,

    You couldn't have said it any better. Lucky Mom and Lucky you but especially Lucky Andi to have you two!

    All the Best Happy B-Day to your wonderful Mom too!


  20. de tout...
    that is a brilliant plan!!


  21. marcia,

    thank you.
    she deserved it.


  22. Ren'ee,

    This is a late post but so glad that I found it. Happy Birthday to Yvonne! 75??? No way, even with a cane. My mother has a picture (era) the same as the one above, I think even the same hairstyle. My Mother is gone now and it is so hard living without her around to call. When something exciting happens I want to call her and then remember that there is no phone in heaven, so I talk to her instead and hope (so hope she can hear me.
    No one loves you like your Mother.

    Love to both of you beautiful women,

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