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Monday, April 9, 2012

Antlers, Antlers and Resin Antlers

These are resin antlers.
And they look pretty great.

And she looks pretty great!

I must admit in my family - my mom, ex husband, and me ....
we really like them.
My mother has too many to discuss without getting hate mail.
And some of hers are painted whited.
Very cool.

And then there is me.
I  like the look of them but I also like the function.
Towels, hats, robes, and whatever else you can think of can be hung from an antler.

One of these days I will buy my mom the resin antler chandelier.
She has always wanted one.

you can even add it to a pretty cool room and IT WORKS!!

Totally Divine.

What is your take on the whole antler thing?

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  1. Im a bit on the fence with the antler thing Renée ..... I don't dislike them but, they seem to have been around for a while now and, as I haven't bought into the look yet, I don't think that I ever will !!
    .....I hope that you bought your mum the antler chandelier for her birthday !!!! haha. XXXX

  2. I will have to pass on the antler thing Renee,lol..Sophia loved the bunnies post Yesterday,it was cute!..have a great week my friend.xo

  3. This one.. I can't agree with! The pointy "head dress" of a dead animal..on the wall... mmmm...nope, not a fan.... same with giant tortoise shells...can't go with it!

    Happy Monday!

  4. silvia
    i am tickled that she liked the post!!!
    thanks for coming by.
    xxx hugs

  5. I am a huge antler lover. The whole resin thing I suppose is for the squeamish, but they do shed naturally annually and it's a sustainable project if you just use antlers. The skull is another matter but having lived in Colorado for many years and seeing so many dead on the roadside I do believe in the culling programme. The sheer numbers are unsustainable without a cull.
    Hopi you had a great Easter.

  6. jax

    but they are soooooooooooo handy!


  7. Not desperate about the skull but do like the antlers. We have several that were given to Top by friends who have a deer farm I don't know what to do with them! Top was using them on the walking sticks he made!!
    I'm with Yvonne with the chandelier...yes please!!!! hugs Jules xxx
    ps. the dining hall is a wonderfully wild shot!!!

  8. Im over it, but I like them in other's homes. I begged for antlers from my hunting friends, but they think this is a sign of a great man. Lets not tell them otherwise.
    Love the chandelier too.
    Happy Monday, Miss Renee.

  9. I love antlers! They look wonderful in my library and in my cabinet of curiosities. I've definitely been enjoying the antler/horn trend.

  10. I would love to have them made from Resin! I love the look and have a couple of pairs here and there. Love the look but whenever I move them to dust or just change things with the seasons, I get all grossed out and the dog comes running because honestly she would love to have some of her own!
    Still love them though!
    xo Lisa

  11. I don't know why but they give me the heeby-jeebies. Which is nonsensical, as they fall off naturally so are in a different category from hunting trophies - which completely freak me out. Maybe it is because I am an Aussie? I concede they would be very practical though.

    But like so many things, the fact that they are done to death in current decorating is just sad, because it means that one can't see the beauty in them without groaning.

  12. jules

    the dining hall is wild indeed.

  13. I love them. I like stag horns and Kudo the most and the idea of resin is wonderful. I hate the thought of killing a gorgeous stag. Now a moose is PURE ugly
    and people in Maine eat Moose meat. Yuck. I made the mistake of going up north in October. Every truck had feet hanging out. I started to cry, it was like war.
    My Hubby went on a lot of Safaris
    and he finally admitted he couldn't
    take it anymore, he started to hate it. Last one was a photo shoot. Renee that was so sweet of you. I do love that light fixture, but can live without it.
    I love you and I am Proud of you..

  14. I love the look of resin antlers and really want one for my family room. Thanks for this post - great images of how these pieces are used to decorate homes.

  15. jmw,

    we use them for hats.
    i have a large collection of small ones.
    they work well in bathrooms as well.


  16. Well...we have many REAL ones that Mr. MD has brought home from his 'excursions'! I do like the resin ones too!




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