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Friday, April 6, 2012

Those Divine Hounds - THE FOX HUNT IS OVER

They are so terribly sweet and USED for nasty jobs.

In England, The Time-Honored Tradition of Fox Hunting Is About to Become History

I have always been into the attire!!!
Me, I am an avid rider and never took part in a fox hunt.

I stick with sticks.
Just jumping over them higher and higher! 
That's my thrill not the thrill of the KILL

Read the link below. 
There are some juicy British historical facts in it.
Surely you will enjoy the part that tells of a duel and .......

It is called 'CALL OFF THE HOUNDS' in the Washinton Post

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  1. I don't ride. Always wish I could have learned. Gues it's not too late, huh? I would much more likely to play with the pups, rather than take them on a hunt. I do love the riding clothes featured in "Downton Abbey," though. :)

  2. JMW

    may i say...
    it is never too late!
    you don't have to jump.
    you can just learn to ride like a lady on an english saddle.
    that is impressive enough.

    and well worth the experience :)


  3. sticks and trees and tiger traps and water...eventer, here!

    Lovely images....

    And should be for sport...not hunt these days.

  4. So you can still fit into those Breeches?
    I laughed out loud at the Beetle comment.

  5. la petite

    back at you!!


  6. Renee How interesting I do agree that I love the attire, However yes, spare the animals !!

    Art by Karena

  7. karena.....

    i mean why don't they just chase a motorized fox like the do in dog races???
    they are all about having the $$$ so invent a crazy little fox that will run for it's life.

    love xx

  8. Hi Renée,
    When I was young, we used to follow the hunt every Boxing Day. It was quite exciting.
    I'm afaid that I sit on the fence on this one. I can see both sides.
    Wishing you a happy and peaceful Easter weekend. XXXX

  9. Someone had tethered an English Bulldog to the pet post outside of our local Supermarket last week. When I commented how cute he was to the checkout-chick she (with great authority) declared that it was a Bloodhound used for fox hunting. I just didn't have the heart to correct her, but I'm still flummoxed as to how she could get it so wrong! I for one am delighted to see the end of this useless blood sport, all power to those foxes.
    Millie xx

  10. millie

    i know.
    if i were on a hunt i would freak if they caught the fox
    and attempted to cut his tail off.
    that's what the do!!!

    so sad.




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