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Monday, November 14, 2011


I remember spending part of a summer in Italy 
with a school friend.
We stayed at pensiones in Florence and in Venice.
I remember vividly how that the shower heads 
just came out of the wall in the bathrooms.
There was no shower curtain or door.
There was just a drain in the middle of the floor.
I thought it was brilliant.
And it is.
As you see an example of the same idea above.

Would you 
have a bathroom with a shower like this if you could?
Or do you 'NO LIKIE?'

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  1. Renee-
    Why not?! Love it! Not shower walls to clean. Just get a broom and scrub, scrub that floor! Done.
    Very beautiful too.
    Have a nice weekend, Renee.

  2. I think it makes a whole lot of sense, Renae. I have a stupid glass enclosure that I spend my whole life squeegee-ing....ugh. Enjoy your wknd.

  3. anne

    me too
    it is gross


  4. Si, Renee. When I went to Italy in High school our Roman bath was larger than the accompanying bedroom and tiled floor and ceiling with bidet and toilet. Venice was a different story-- microscopic.

  5. I love it and it is already in the plans for my new little cottage! xxx

  6. Interesting design! Why not? But I'd love that balcony's astonishing view even more! Have a gorgeous weekend, Kellie xx

  7. Your Grandfather had that drain in the center of our kitchen floor
    1945. Your Grandmother hated it.
    He re-did it for her. I like the idea, shower, kitchen floor too.

  8. I'm going to have to give it some thought, I am thinking I like it even if it feels a little dormy to me. But truly love the first and last images, may have to Pinterest!

  9. TSL,

    go ahead and pin the image. really is very cool to have your shower like that.
    i would do it in a heart beat.

  10. Anonymous09:41

    I love it! But I wonder about the wide open shower, it seems like it would be drafty.
    Then again it beats having to squeegy glass and mold on your shower curtain!

  11. paris,

    i would just crank the hot water.
    i hate the stinky mold in regular shower systems!!

    see you soon!

  12. kerry

    wasn't it cool?
    i love the idea....
    ....i mean not having the shower bigger than my bedroom.....
    who knows why they needed such a large shower.
    i mean it is sexy italia!!

    thank you for your comment

  13. la petite

    i think it is brilliant.
    and in a kitchen ....
    great for cleaning!!

    he was some smart man!!


  14. It's LOVELY... though I hhave to admit I am a TUB girl!

  15. fifi

    i love a good soak as well.
    but......this is definitely the way to shower.


  16. Renee,

    It's about time we start looking at more space in the showers. At times it feels like we're a little gold fish in a glass bowl. Cleaning the shower is a process in itself.

    *Click over to Ideezine I've listed your blog among those to pass on "The Versatile Blogger Award" to and learn 7 things about me.


    Happy weekend!

  17. Marvelous idea - no glass to clean. Although, I think there are caveats attached. Like, it has to be in a warm environment, so it is not cold and draughty. And you need a fabulous tiler to set the tiles out so they do drain quickly towards the grate. But I reckon whenever this is enough space, it is a great solution for a bathroom. These examples are spacious and gorgeous. Virginia xx

  18. If I had the space I would love it..... xv

  19. It's great! I am seeing this more and more in newer homes in this area, and I am seeing some amazing open showers in smaller homes as well. Of course that's the next best thing to outdoor showers......Maryanne xo

  20. maryanne,

    i know.......
    an outdoor shower is my fantasy!!


  21. The shower in our ensuite is so confining - I would LOVE to have a shower like this! No bumping elbows against the enclosure, and clean up would be so much easier. I would definitely consider a shower like this in a future home.

  22. Me likey. Especially that chair silhouette. Do you just have a really large room sized shower pan for waterproofing?

  23. classic

    i wish i knew.
    but i wonder what they do when the do this in commercial kitchens.,
    they put a drain in the middle of the floor so they can flush the floors.
    maybe they do use huge pans.

    thank you xx

  24. I absolutely think its wonderful...

    love the carefree-ness of it all,

    it there is such a word.

  25. Would really like to have a shower like this. Some how they always work and the whole room does not end up wet.

  26. chic coles,

    you are right.
    it is so much cleaner i think.
    there will be less mold which is just too yucky for me!!

    thank you

  27. Hi Renée,
    Gorgeous I would love one as big as those ( if you'll pardon the expression !!!! haha )
    Showers like that are called wet rooms over here.They sound good but are not always successful but when they are good they are very, very good ! XXXX

  28. Me likey but me likey more when I was 21 and less ugh inhiibited:) Now I like all the enclosures I can But it is awfully great looking!

  29. We kinda have that now...we do have a half wall and it is a step down curtain. Likey. Mucho!

  30. linda

    that is the perfect compromise.
    i would like that with a glass wall to an enclosed garden ...


  31. Me likey too but these days I prefer to shower in the dark!!!

  32. Hi Renee
    Well I love it!! and I had similar hand held off wall in a pensione in Turkey.. problem was the room was tiny and everything got wet!!...

    I think it would be fabulous with just a glass divider between shower section and the rest.. of course we'd want a whopping big room right??? and views!! haha

    Have a great week.. ciao xxx Julie

  33. I'm not a lover of showers, but a shower with a chair allows for a more relaxing experience methinks. I'm and long soak in a tub kind of girl.
    Hope you are having a good week Renee.

  34. A very clean, cool feel... perfect for that blue-white light in the Miami heat. I could move in happily.



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