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Sunday, November 20, 2011

I Need Your Opinion.....

I am being featured in a fabulous magazine called 
Nostalgic America.
It will be coming out December 6 - 2011

Do you like it?
What would you change?

I could not fit the blog address.....
I am hoping that the readers will have the brains to Google it!!  

PS  Jackie O will be on the cover

This is the cover of this months magazine-

They are going into all the country club communities,
and we have tons.
Check it out .... I think Boca has more private country club communities 
than almost any other city in the states

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  1. Renee,I love the images that you chose. Could you, perhaps add the blog address as a tiny watermark along the bottom of the images?
    If there were tons of room I might suggest that potential clients not buy anything that is non-returnable for a space. I had clients that wanted to be so involved they kept buying things that had nothing to do with my plan and I had to keep tweaking things to accomodate their purchases.

  2. kerry

    when i work with a client
    my contract clearly states no cancellations or returns.
    you are right!
    that is a nightmare!

    thank you for your input.
    it is greatly appreciated


  3. Renee,

    How exciting! This will be great...they'll find you don't worry about that. Love the variety of interior photo's and would not change a thing.


  4. Renee, this is great and looks very professional, stylish and approachable. You have said enough to make people feel comfortable about contacting you to use your services, approachability is all important. You would be surprised how many people will not know how to find your blog. I agree with Kerry, maybe a watermark of your blog address to guide them. You have so much to share on your blog, it will give people a good idea of who they are working with.
    Best of Luck my dear!

  5. goodie... may i hire you? xx

  6. It looks fantastic Renee.... But try and get a web address in somehow if you can... the easier for people to find you the better it will be... Have a happy weekend... xv

  7. what I am seeing but cannot read the font, its so small can you enlarge it so I can read it, and give you my opinion? Love the images and congrats on the feature!

  8. How exciting...Love your wording. Right on point for how the design relationship SHOULD work. Wish we always got that freedom. Good luck.XO, Mona

  9. V,

    thank you......
    i will next month.
    this one went to the printer already


  10. enchanted,

    the page is the font will be bigger.
    my mother read me the 'riot act' this morning over the font.

    your opinion means so much to me.
    thank you for commenting xxx

  11. Fab!
    And if you can believe it, most people don't know what a blog is! Vicki is right about a dot com address and site.
    And for local business, nothing beats the telephone and a bricks and mortar address.
    Also your blog is personal, and maybe TMI for customers and people who don't "know" you and love you like we do :-)
    Just keep going - You know what to do, and you do it brilliantly.
    xo xo

  12. val,
    my mother said the same thing....
    i have deleted many of THOSE personal posts.

    i love you.
    you should be here working with ME!!!

  13. ticks

    have i told you lately that you are the BEST support?????


  14. Hi Renee
    Well I was going to say the same thing as Kerry.. I think the actual blog address is more important than the words 'My Blog'..

    I'd include the word 'together' in there somewhere.. ie.. ie 'the designer has the privilege of guiding you' etc .. eg 'TOGETHER we can discover the colours and styles.. etc..

    I also agree with Val.. If you point them to your blog.. some of the personal stuff might have to go...

    By the way.. CONGRATS on the feature.. fabulous stuff...well deserved...

    Have a lovely weekend.. ciao xxx Julie

  15. I think you did a great job of explaining the design process, which is such a mystery to so many people (this is true in architecture as well as interior design). I agree with Julie's suggestion to stress the collaborative aspects of the process, and also with Valorie about the importance of including a web address since lots of folks still don't know what a blog is (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???).

    This looks like it will be great exposure and PR for you!

  16. castle,

    i did finally get the web addresses added.
    thank you so much for your input.
    it means a great deal to me.
    and lets hope it does give me exposure!!!!

    please g-d!




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