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Monday, August 29, 2011

The Pierre ...Oh My Sweet Pierre!!

The Pierre is such a fashionable hotel.
Just for the Princesses & Prince's of this world.

Straight to the watering hole after a long day of shopping.
This looks very good to me.

And then to the spa.
If I must!!!

The Pierre has a style for each of us....
traditional, or urban chic.
The Pierre has it all.

I remember when I was dining at The Pierre,
way back in the late 1970's.
There were NO CELL PHONES.
at THE PIERRE waiters would come to the table and plug in a phone for you right at the table.
I thought it was unbearably chic.
And chic they still are. 

I don't like this so much.....
but my best client loves it.

How would you like to give a little lecture here.
I would.

And one can never leave out ROMANCE when talking about

It is here that
you would find me here with my laptop.

Gazing at this!!!!  
Next to is NYC.

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  1. Um...Yes please. Unbearably chic indeed!

  2. Its beautiful but i have to be honest I personally loved the old world decor that I felt was more "Pierre-ish" before this massive renovation by its new owners The Taj hotels....some parts I like and others I feel are not in such great taste. My niece got married there last Aug. it was of course beautiful and incredible but I can't help it, I am not good with change and when I saw The Plaza get sold and butchered up into those highly controversial apts. by David Brooks and then the Pierre change hands and take on a more transitional feeling...its hard for me to get used to, though most of it is admittedly incredible and chic. Sorry for rambling......

  3. Gorgeous! The lobby sets the tone... I'm with you, I'll be on the deck sucking up something exotic......Maryannexo

  4. Anonymous18:55

    I long for the days when they brought the phone to your table. That must have really been a long cord! i thought that was only done in the movies!
    This is such a landmark. I haven't been there in years and hate to think that as the enchanted home said, it's been stripped of its original character like the Plaza which I mourn for. I have to go have a good cry about that one.
    This still looks pretty fierce. Viva The Pierre!

  5. enchanted,
    i love your rambling!

  6. The Pierre is a classic. Also the Plaza Athenee too. Love those old style NYC hotels.

  7. love of the sea,

    .....a person after my own heart for sure

  8. We are gushing over this hotel! When can we go?
    Angela and Renee

  9. Anonymous19:35

    We love it there too! So gorgeous!
    xo E + J

  10. Oh sigh! I have never been. It looks sooo civilized. One more thing to add to the bucket list...

  11. de tout

    it is..... very.



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