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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Here's The Deal.... Or Maybe 'NO DEAL'

I need to somehow go into a very private and isolated 'ZONE'

***Camping in Mongolia

To finish my 'mental processing' over a business decision 
that must be dealt with tomorrow at 11am.

It could be good
it could go badly.

If things go will be temporary.
And will be good again!!

But is is still a process.
Do you ever feel getting close to nature,
and being far removed from society helps you to tap into
that very special 'inner voice?'

I do.
It is all about the listening.
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  1. 100% YES!!!! When I felt stressed to the max a few days ago, I escaped to the beach and waking up to the ocean every morning was the best therapy I could have ever asked for! NOTHING could have felt as good and healing as those few days alone by the beach so yes I totally feel that it is not only increidbly soothing and healing but a natural place to go, decompress, ponder lifes big and small decisions and clear your head! Good luck tomorrow!

  2. I think you wrote this for me! Do I know?!
    If I could fins a cave I would hide in it, haha!
    I take my daughter back to college this weekend, then I will fins "A Place" to go.
    Good luck.

  3. If I went to such a place, I'm afraid I might never come back to civilization. So tempted to get away from it all sometimes and live in a commune and grow my own food and make my own hemp clothing....Naaaah, I would miss my creature comforts too much!

  4. Well Girl, you know I get on my knees and give everything over to the Lord, He's in charge/control of everything. Go with your 'gut'.

  5. renae

    you know i will xxxx

  6. BTW

    the last image.....
    i am celebrating inside with all my blogging friends.

    see all the smoke coming out of the chimney?
    YEAH BABY...we are cooking.
    we 've got it going on!!!!


  7. I am looking for peace, quiet, and rejuvenation! We all really need it on a regular basis.


    Art by Karena

  8. I have my fingers crossed, hope what ever the outcome you will
    be successful. I have you in my heart.
    mama xxxxx

  9. 'm coming with you but will saty when you leave...maybe for ever!!!!! xxx

  10. I agree. There are times that the city noise needs to be turned off - for a while. Enjoy the beautiful day, Kellie xx

  11. Yes, escaping to an isolated place and being with your thoughts can be a soulful experience. I could use such a retreat right now! Best of luck in your decision-making. :)

  12. la petite

    it's all good.

    i am in the boat god put me in.

    my part is to row the boat if i want to get anywhere!!



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