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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How Is This For Tastefully Wild?

This is Diane Gordy's work.
I tell you she can do all kinds of design.
In this post are a few examples.

I think that she is so very talented,
with a keen eye for pattern combinations.

This is the black door and trim that I posted about recently.
It is so rich.
I love it.

And this beautiful treatment reminds me of my installation from hell yesterday.
It was an all day install for my fave client.
I had to send most of it back......
I had to use the workroom of the company that I work for.
...And let me tell you....
I was the 'Drapery Nazi' from the dark side yesterday.
And I have now brought in my own workroom......
I am a real drapery snob.
I can't take what I have been forced to work with.
(tearing up)
It is just too much for me to bear going forward and into another design job.
I know, I can hear the violins playing in the background.
(Did I mention I have the violins all the time?)
You know, I am not a very serious person, I am a really wacky and funny person.
But when it comes to my designs.....I am DEAD SERIOUS.
So, not only was I frustrated with the shit I to sent back to the work-room....
Let's just say that I could go 'on and on' about how the whole thing was a cluster F%&k@!!!
of stupid and lazy mistakes.
(I hate problems that could have been avoided)
Which left me with a steaming pile of crap to deal with. 
This shoots to hell the confidence my client had in me 
(not really, but it's not a good thing).

People in general are freaked out about the high cost of window treatments in the first place,
and then The Mickey Mouse club comes and installs window treatments for ' the little shop of horrors.'
Not a good thing.
Oh, I feel much better......whew.
Thanks for letting me get that out.
I am hoping you are having a better day than moi.
I think I am going to take some advil and go to bed.


Do you think I am over reacting???

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  1. OOO...I feel like painting some wood work black right NOW!!

  2. I bet that restaurant is called Safari.LOL Love the furniture and lovely drapes. Very nice. I am off on a hunting trip tomorrow for that dress. Love Mamma xxx

  3. Renee I think it is possible we are related. The use of the words "cluster f@#$" to descibe multiple screw-ups...I know it well! Ah yes, the life of a glamorous!!!

    The images from this designer were wonderful!

  4. Lucky client to have you on their side, Renee.

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  6. My ID friend Miss Richfields is EXACTLY the same about drapery. She is a gorgeous laid-back type of gal except when it comes to this subject. She has a specific work-room & installer she uses to get the ultimate result for her clients. Get your whip out Renee & crack it big-time - shoddy workmanship is the pits.
    Millie ^_^

  7. millie
    oh believe me....
    i had my BULL WHIP out!

  8. Acanthus and Acorn
    i think it is
    'the good designer gene'
    that we were born with.
    ...i hope.

  9. It's divine that you are a funny & wacky person & uber divine that when it comes to design you are dead serious. You are the perfect designer. Is it a sign of the times or what. We've had that discussion over & over at our house. No one gives a F%&k@ about the quality of their work, let alone their jobs. It runs across the whole profession gambit. What's happened to our hard working, full of pride America?

    Crack that whip Renee for me too.

    xo xo

  10. I wish you could use my workroom. A one woman operation that puts out the most fabulous work. I'm always in awe when I see what she has done for me and my clients.
    Hang in there are THE best!

  11. Go for it - there is nothing worse than lazy mistakes that get passed off on others.

  12. Renee,

    Great post. Love the snaps. I feel your passion is showing and for a worthy cause the love of being a designer. I have sewn, designed, envisioned, and completed many projects and you are absolutely spot on!

    Your mental vibration of intelligence is different from the world you're present in. Therefore, your passion is more intense yet at the same time you are sensitive to others feelings (your clients) and the result is stuff happens.

    Last year at an install of Ivory colored Belgium Linen Draperies, which had been steamed and wrapped for delivery and installation. As the installer hung them there was an iron scorch mark on the one panel and pins left in the hem of another. You can't make this loss time up or gain any mutual respect points from clients either (Who were coming back from Europe that day). My client she furious, of course, that the draperies were not hung (I didn't leave them up they went back to workroom) which delayed installation again.

    Quality control is a fine art and should be taught in every profession those who breathe it can spot it in an instant those who don't will always be clueless.
    What to do? Forgive them for they know NOT what to say or do and it is sad.
    What to do to help yourself ? To Thy Ownself Be True! And find the humor in it and become more intuitive about an outcome...that's it...expect the unexpected!
    Then feed your soul not your anger your soul.

    Switch your frequency and here is one way I recommend: check out Hay House Radio (it's not country music) it's radio for your soul. Go to their website, select and listen to authors, listen for clues on how to navigate in this wonderful life size classroom. Read about the different shows, find one that appeals to you, mark the time and listen. If you have an iPhone there's an app for that also. You'll be amazed at how quickly you reach clarity about the situations happening around you.



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  15. Oops! Computer hiccups this morning ha ha.

  16. I am glad we could be here for you!! hope you are feeling much better today.... NOW, can we SEE your work... I am SURE it came out just fine...probably super duper stunning!

    Have a Great Weekend!

  17. Dayum girl...if I was having curtains installed. I would WANT the curtain nazi making sure it was done correctly.


  18. linda,
    have i told you 'i love you lately????'

    that is exactly what my client said as well.
    thank you for the validation my friend!!!

  19. Renee, i am just going to print your post and place it on my bulletin board!!! I HATE DRAPERIES with a passion...why...for the reasons above. we lost our very best client due to draperies and shades that did not function, we kept on having to get them adjusted, redone until the workroom fired me as a client for being too difficult!!! meanwhile our client spent $150,000 on window treatments that looked like hell with rods falling off, hems undone, electrical shades that would not close...I tried 3 workrooms and every fail there is a problem...I am dreaming of a client who hates draperies as much as I do....

  20. francine,

    let me tell you,
    this is my first experience with this crap in over 24years.
    the reason?
    when i was working for myself
    i only used 2 work-rooms and each of them did magnificent work. $$$
    the finished rooms looked like dream movie sets.
    one of the keys is fullness - i always used 3 to 1 fabric.
    and i simply told my work-rooms;
    i don't care what you charge me,
    but what i want in return is perfection and if a client calls for repairs etc....
    you are there that very day or the next.
    the only phone call i want from my client is;
    " we have bought a third home and i need you to do the windows and everything else."
    " could you make time for me?"

    xxx when you have the right work-room you can sleep at night.
    -and the drapery biz (when done right) is extremely lucrative,
    and let's not forget in design " it is what separates' the men form the boys'
    as far as being a truly finished space.

    i hope this didn't sound as thought i am pontificating,
    i am just passionate about my work.
    especially when done right.

    thank you for your comment and i can understand your frustration, big time!
    it truly can be a time consuming, and psychiatric nightmare for both client and designer.




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