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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Today was my most difficult day.....

since I started working at this company.
I must have been paged 20 times at least by the office.
One of my clients kept calling and was driving me nutzo.
No matter what I said she kept asking me the same question 20 different ways.
My answer was always the same.
I hate it when people don't HEAR you.
I wanted to reach into the phone and .....@FF&XX`0f head almost exploded.
At one point
I was so overwhelmed by the customer service issues
that I almost went home sick.
I sure felt sick.
Sick in the head.
I am so incredibly glad that the day is over!

By 2 hours into my work day I felt
just like that pug looks !!!


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  1. Oh, poor puggy! Hope you have a better day tomorrow!

  2. Renee, the only good thing is that the day is over. This is why Happy Hour was conceived, I think. Watch Anna Wintour & Marc Jacobs on Jimmy Fallon tonight. Maybe you can smile then, Jimmy's funny. xx's

  3. I am sooo sorry Sweetie. I'm with Splenderosa....except my drug er beverage of choice is a good red wine!

  4. It's over. You're done. hope you can shake it off and enjoy the rest of this day ( or night). Start it over so to speak.

    Customer service is not always my forte. That's why i work with a knife in my hand.

    xo jane

  5. Oh Renee;
    So sorry I will send a better day wish your way.

    Wish you could go for a ride, here today the air is cool and you know very well horses feel better in the Fall.

    Heres to getting a better leg up tomorrow!


  6. Some customers can be maddening! I usually find that a little humor helps. I had a customer a month ago buying hydrangeas and she for the life of me could not remember what the names were and kept asking me over and over.
    I just couldn't help but laugh...she was obviously NUTS.. so just treat them that the end they always buy something!

    Learned that from Hubby!!!

    and when they're rude ...just laugh at them too! believe me you'll feel a whole lot better at the end of the day!

    Big hug!

  7. Oh my goodness Renee I don't mean to laugh but you ALWAYS find the best photos for your posts!! Hope your feeling better now! :)

  8. dear friend... so sorry to hear this... and i will keep you in my thoughts.. and pray india rolls in ...SOON! xx

  9. yes, some customers can be a pain in the a--, but the good ones, the ones that listen make up for it. take care, and come and follow my new blog, I am talking about my upcoming face lift. YAY!

  10. yes indeed the day is over!!!

    i do have a little secret weapon though,
    someone once told me that you can
    'start your day over' at anytime.


  11. Just be glad you didn't look like the PUG. Enjoy your DAY OFF
    mamma xxxxxxxx

  12. You may of felt like the pug but would NEVER look like the pug. Just maybe all these kind of days are taking place for when your confronted with a huge decision for change, all the sums of the parts will direct you on the right path? I know that's a bit heavy but I just saw, Eat, Pray, & Love. I keep that in mind for my situation. For all these crappy days will make better days that much brighter. I'm holding on & I know you are too.

    Cheers to the future! LUVS XX

  13. Renee, I understand your frustration, BUT AT LEAST YOU HAVE A JOB! I know dozens of people, myself included, who would gladly trade you places.

  14. Sorry you had such a day. I can totally relate - I call them "banging-my-head-against-the-wall-days." Hope things improved and a nice glass of wine is in your future!

  15. oh Renee how can you stay there !? I would run from that shop long time ago.
    .. I guess it pay bills.
    Keep strong.

  16. I hear your frustration. Hoping for a better day tomorrow!! Axx

  17. Hope you get some recovery time over the weekend...if only clients knew how painful they can be! Tracey xx

  18. Um...hate to be the one to tell you...

    but you have something coming out of your nose...


  19. porchlight

    isn't that the truth!!!




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